Channel Manager Qualifications

I once got a message that I had become a CM… and it was all an illusion:


I think by now, it’s clear that the process of choosing channel managers is not an objective one. Viki plays favorites without even hiding it. A handful of volunteers with (some) experience are serial CMs, often with several shows at a time, and often long ones. What’s left goes to newbies, who then often still need to be assisted by a co-CM in the form of one of the above-mentioned favorites.The rest of us gets little to nothing. And Viki can just get away with this since they make the rules.

Well… they do know the situation. What would happen if they’d stop applying for a while? :thinking: Even if it’s not directly their fault, they are maintaining this situation cause it’s benefitting them at the cost of everyone else.


I have a list with users (CM) I know I can’t apply because I know they choose the same person on every project they get or people with +two thousand subs and even CM’s who I think they just don’t like me :smiling_face_with_tear:. Being part of bigger communities means your chances to win the war is so low.


Still… not getting chosen because there are so many candidates is not the same as not getting chosen because only a handful of people even make a chance for reasons that will never be revealed to us. That fellow volunteers play favorites is probably inevitable since there are all kinds of people on this planet… but that the staff does it… It’s unbelievable.


EXACTLY! Preach it!


The best are the cm who doesn’t even reply for aplication like they just ignore you, no (yes) or (no) just silence. (So I don’t know if those people are such a good choose by Viki, since they ignore people.- I added this explanation since in someone eyes this isn’t topic about it :roll_eyes: ) It is since one of qualified to be cm is being open minded and connecting with people. And if they behave in this way for me it’s discrediting.


But back to the actual topic of this thread.

I think there should also maybe be a 6-month cooldown after you get a CM position.

Some projects are shorter than others, yes. But most CMs have other functions on Viki which cumulatively take more time than running a channel. So it’s not as if they would not have enough to do :upside_down_face:


Maybe shorter cooldown for movies?


For movies I have also seen that it is complicated, all the movies I have seen come with English subtitles only, and to be honest I have only worked on one movie since I arrived.


It’s quite obvious that Viki needs TRANSPARENCY. If they want to use unpaid workers, we should at least get this. There is NONE. Since the new Viki, there has been a huge wall built. They slowly barricade us within it as they chip away at the segmenters, English, Spanish, and Portuguese teams. To only allow a certain few to manage channels is a blatant disregard for what Viki was built upon.

Just like they have a system that shows how many shows we are moderating at one time, why can’t there be a counter on the page. Allow 2 dramas a year. Once you reach your quota, you can’t request to CM until a year has passed and/or both dramas are complete (if the dramas are still being worked). Then the ticker restarts. That’s just one of many ideas in my head.


Not to mention some cm are or was managing like 3-4 channels in one time. Same time adding themselves as moderator, English team etc. So limits would be great. And more transparent choice, since I saw people who were choosen for cm even if they don’t match (required limits). I have many friends from first gen Viki, tho I join late, many of them have after so many times like 0 cm. So in my opinion everyone should have a chance. But as for now I see almost every time same people, as if Viki categorized some cm to specific gender, and give them channel each time they close previous. So yes I again say, limits are needed. Many of old contributors discouraged this kind of behavior and they suspend or delate they account. It’s sad. We need more transparents and equality. Or like I mention in my mail, Viki could just take away the button to apply for cm and give it to anyone they want. Don’t get me wrong I’m not mad at people who get it nor I hate them, it’s Viki faulty for this situation, bur to be true many, many contributors don’t want to talk about this topic even if they see unfairness, because they afraid to be on bad terms with those who are usually picked ( tho they don’t bite :rofl:). So for me Viki should change their way of thinking and give more chances to others and let them teach on their own mistakes. And don’t forget that Viki bloom too because of contributiners who translate it to other languages what’s kind of invite new people on this way because they can watch beloved show on their language.


I find it strange that the CMs with multiple channels haven’t chimed in on this post with their thoughts, advice, or personal experiences regarding this matter. These volunteers are often quite ‘engaged’ in other places or contexts, even with lengthy and detailed posts.

So, I dare say that if someone has mentioned that we shouldn’t point fingers at those chosen by Viki to become CMs of multiple channels at once, it’s also true that this ‘silence’ doesn’t help dispel doubts about the transparency or good faith of processes and individuals. Perhaps, even if just for the sake of fairness, these individuals could write a few lines agreeing with/supporting Kakashi and even suggesting a solution. Just saying…


They don’t write or speak out because they are not interested in change.
It would indeed be nice to have a rule for CMs. I agree, if they have 2 active cm projects, they should not be allowed to request a new one for X amount of time. If moderators are subject to certain restrictions, why not them?
This would prevent Viki from piling up projects for self interest, but also give others a chance to gain experience and improve.
The selection system should be fundamentally re-regulated, because I am beginning to feel that “people” are selecting CMs on a “buddy” basis, and the selected CMs are usually also selected on a “buddy” basis by OL moderators.
As if it’s a perpetual cycle.


It’s like that because usually people who often got cm roles work as a part of the English team and since they don’t have limits they can take how much editions as they want and they will not be booked like in moderation case. So in system or Viki staff eyes they are free and don’t have maximum slots so they definitely meet the criteria for being Cm often. And like I mention staff reply to me by “basic on previous cm” - so if one person got 3cm in one time, and finish it, in Viki eyes they are good to be one again, and person who have like 0 never will meet criteria, because he/she don’t have experience. So 2-3 cm a year, is good choice. Everyone would be happy, and mane people would have a chance to experience being cm and manage channel. Equally doe all


There is an exception to every rule and Kakashiandme seems to be one for this one :speak_no_evil:

Do you mean to say that the more-often selected CMs tend also to select approximately the same set of OL mods?

If so, that is also a very good reason to take a better look at the selection process for CMs.

Versatility in selected CMs would then increase the versatility in selected OL mods. This would in turn increase the dynamic of teams in Viki and make the contributors feel they are more equal to others. And that in turn could increase the overall productivity of this Community. And maybe even partially solve some imbalance in positions and workload.


In that case, she is not the only exception. Actually, most of the serial CMs are not in the English teams.

This does happen a lot.

I agree, but… what would be considered “finished”? Everything released to OL? Or all OL fully translated? In the first case, some CMs would just release before English edits like they already do and in the first case, there will always be some obscure-language mod that disappears before finishing.

How Viki sees a CM is also influenced by what others tell Viki about them.

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I don’t follow, who gets the CMs, but maybe some of them have more work with their projects or don’t check discussions that often?
Idk, I just don’t like assuming the worst

When I say “finished”… that is it exactly; released to the OLs. I know that some dramas are super slow… I’ve been on countless dramas with an English editing team that will do one episode a week. That is not fair to the OLs. Even with teams with 3 TEs and 3 GEs, we’d have a 24-episode drama that would last more than 6 months. So, it’s the CMs responsibility to push the editing team, the CE, the whole enchilada to move at a faster pace or find another team or replace members, the sign of a good CM who cares about the whole.


They could be like me: who don’t care about Discussions or forget that Discussions exist. LOL! I only come here when I’m bored or someone tags me personally.


Lol they could be like me: with selective attention :joy: