Channel managers it's not at all fair

Please its up to you you can take it as a request or a complaint
But please read my post.
Please rethink again and again before you add a subtitler(only)to your channel for a rare language.
Becoz rare languages take time to form teams and complete projects and one person can never finish it and it takes years becoz end of the day everyone has their own issues to deal with, i suggest you not to add a single subber for your drama if it is a rare language like mine( telugu) and if you add please dont force them to complete, ONE SINGLE HAND CAN’T DO THE WHOLE THING i am raising my voice and started a topic because i am really frustrated and angry.
In my 4 months of volunteering i worked with only a few channel managers i could say I’m a new bie too in moderation.
I really like channel managers and they understand me.some are a friends to me.I’m afraid of some i mean in a good way like how a student is afraid of a teacher(experienced channel managers)
But after i heard this particular issue my heart just broke!
So here are the details
I really want to know your opinion on this…
ok… there’s one famouse chinese drama and that channel manager added a subtitler for a rare language its telugu.
And she subbed around 1 full episode and a half and she stopped(temporarily) she is a student and works only on weekends. And that particular manager
Is forcing her to finish subbing the whole series. Is it really fair to ask like that. Can she alone do that. And you know what she removed that subber from team beciz she cant complete the drama and her subs are gone [i dont know who deleted] i saw her profile and confirmed.
What can a subber do without agreeing? When she cant finish project and the manager is forcing dont she have any personal issues to deal with.
And 700+ contributions is not a joke seriously
And another subber texts her that she want to sub in telugu then what will she do?
Will she keep a deadline ? Or will she not add her to the team?
And if that new subber agrees to do that
Isn’t it a waste of time ? To again start from the beginning
I really really feel pity.
Poor girl how many weekends she should have spent subbing on that drama and its all wasted.
Thank you for reading till the end


Can anyone confirm this?


I will ask her and confirm.


This is simply not true. As a subber/moderator of a fairly rare language (Croatian), I work on a lot of dramas by myself, from the first to the last episode. For example, for each Chinese drama I fully translated I have over 25.000 subs. So, no, it’s not impossible. It should be a norm.

A translator should not start a project without the intent on finishing it. If you don’t believe that you can finish it yourself, it might be a good idea not to start it in the first place. Instead, rather join another translator on another project and finish that one.

A CM has every right to expect a project in any language to be completed. Of course, not by bullying.

If it’s not expected that one finishes their projects, how would the audience react?


Its possible but doesnt it take a lot of time if you can work only on weekends?

I agree with this but they should have some patience.


Yes, months, not years :wink:

Recently I finished one such series and I had hard time parting from it, because I love it so much. They leave you emotionally drained, but they are worth every minute you spent on them. It doesn’t happen often for me, but they exist (Incomplete Life: Misaeng, Reply 1988 and Joy of Life).

What’s hard is to find motivation to translate dramas which are “just” good, but you could live without them. I would recommend not to start on those if you have very little time. Everyone’s time is precious. After many mistakes of my own in this regard throughout the years I’ve learned that we should choose our projects wisely and dedicate ourselves to them.


Yes I too chose carefully and I do work on a project for a long time.of course I’m a junior to many here.I complete one after the other.I’m currently doing a project since Feb and I’m about to finish it. But I really felt so bad about her and I couldn’t stop myself from creating this topic


I’ve not come across any CMs who force out subs from their volunteers, but I think every volunteer needs to clearly communicate to the CM that they will be working on so and so days and will be able to do this much in this time before commiting themselves to the project. CMs handle a lot of volunteers, so they can’t really give all their attention to one language.
Usually, the CM/ language moderator clarifies that they expect three episodes in one week or something similar.

It’s really hard to work alone on projects and I understand why you’re frustrated. I have just one suggestion in addition to those @bozoli already suggested:
Why don’t you contact all the Telegu subbers you know and form a group chat? That way, two or three of you can volunteer on one project together. When you’re a minority, make an effort to group together, it’s worth it. Having a team will help you a lot and the project will get done faster.


The problem I have as a CM is that some subbers in rare languages want to work on multiple projects at once. If I see someone wants to sub on a few of my channels I ask them to pick one and finish that one first. I’m not forcing anyone but I know how much work it is to sub a whole project by yourself. 98% of the people I asked never respond back. Are they angry because I didn’t add them to 5 projects? Did they realize they already have enough work on their hands or don’t they want to sub anymore. There is also a quite huge amount of subbers who ask to be added but will never start.

And about deleting subs, I only do that when I caught an abuser who goes against Viki guidelines. Or I let Viki do that. If your friend’s sub are deleted because she didn’t finish the project and was following the guidelines she should contact Viki about it. A CM should not abuse their powers and maybe Viki can put your friends sub back on.


Thanks Vivi but I already did that and all Telugu subbers who worked on Viki once upon a time are in active now. I messaged each one of them no response. Only about 5-6 are active and those just write subs below 100 (newbies) and vanish only 2-3( me included) stay till the end and
How does volunteer finder actually work?
I couldn’t get any result out of it it show says no results to display and about how to use it I pmed a Viki staff member and s/he left the chat and I just kept quiet.

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The volunteer finder never worked properly as far as I know. It lists subbers who subbed on Viki once but are no longer active. Years ago when I looked at it once because I wanted to contact mor Dutch subbers it listed subbers who where not active for years and sometimes made less then 100 subs.


You atleast got the names, I didn’t get any

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Yes, like bozoli said, it takes months (maybe close to a year, but never more than one year). I always tell a CM that if I’m subbing, it’ll take a while to complete (I used to do 60 episode C-dramas, also with limited time a week), because there aren’t a lot of Dutch subbers available and I usually have to do it by myself. I tell them to consider that before adding me to the team. If they don’t want to, they don’t have to add me.

I’ve never had a bad experience with a CM because of that :thinking:. I’ve only ever heard of subs being deleted because of abusers :woman_shrugging:


Actually I too fall under the category of the subbers who don’t start to sub, but I do talk with managers.but if I once start it I will definitely finish it.
The reason I fell in that category because
Long back( from a different account) I don’t know about subtitle team tab and all.
I know to use project finder that’s all and I used to search and search for a project I’m intrested in and I found 4 and messaged to them I don’t know who are they actually,I don’t even know who is a channel manager too.
And 1 I didn’t get a reply.
2 they left the chat and I don’t know what is it and I thought I should go back to the project finder and search and search so I gave up
3 they asked how fluent I am I told it’s my mother tongue and then no reply
And 4 she said she already had Telugu subbers and she telling me to talk to them and I don’t know how ( till date those subbers didn’t start their translation)
And finally I just stopped opening it and with a different account as a last hope I again used that project finder and this time I found my favourites and messaged 4 ppl again with a hope of getting into the team in atleast one and instantly I got into all. And I didn’t start them.
And I don’t know that I messaged a moderator for one drama when she replied in Telugu I got surprised and thought she is a manager.

@dudie I don’t know who deleted the subs but I want to know will the subs be back on both the cases?

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I don’t think she is BAD may she lost 1 patience 2 hope that the drama will get finished subbing or another subber will join the team.

I didn’t imply that she was an abuser; I was only stating that it was the only situation which I know of, where they deleted subs. I don’t know why the CM deleted hers :woman_shrugging:


Viki cannot always put the subs back I believe, that depends from case to case. But even if they are not put back on by Viki I think it’s still a good idea to contact Viki about it. I mean maybe this CM does this more often to subbers without any good reason and if Viki doesn’t know this person can keep doing this. Viki can step in and tell the person to stop doing that.


The important thing here is good communication since the beginning, so that both know the expectations of the other.

Subber: “I only have 3 hours on Saturdays and 3 hours on Sundays. I can do 1 episode per week so, if nobody else is found in my language, it might take me a year for a 50-episode Chinese show. If it’s okay with you I am willing to do it”.

CM: “Okay, you do that, and from my part I’ll try my best to find a second subber to help, so that it can be made more quickly. I’ll ask around, I’ll put a post in Discussions. You too, have your ears open, in case you hear of someone”.

Frankly, in the subber’s place, unless she absolutely adores that particular drama, I’d better go for shorter ones. A full year is too much of a commitment and you never know what’s going to happen until then. And much more probability of getting sick and tired of using all of her precious weekends on this. She might meet a boyfriend or find another hobby.


Here is what happend
My friend is currently helping me in the drama i am she stopped that drama temporarily. And the channel manager texted that she need progress and to complete one episode a week and my friend told her that she is doing another project but she is not alone she got a team. We will do it together but it takes time (And she is having exams too currently)But she(CM) said she need it now itself otherwise she can let her stay on her team. As my friend cant start and do both she told cm to remove her from the team. And channel manager removed the subtitles tooo why? I dont understand until she checked the next day my friend even don’t know that her subs are removed
Seriously as i said if another subber comes isnt it a time waste to start from the beginning?
Why did she do that its not fair at all?
Please tell me can i report to viki staff on behalf of my friend
And my friend told me that she felt bad but dont have time to discuss with her.
what will she gain by deleting the subs
@dudie. @irmar. @vivi_1485. @bozoli. @feyfayer

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Yes the subs are removed by the channel manager!

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