Channel managers it's not at all fair


In my opinion it was foolish to commit to two projects if she didn’t have enough time for both. But the Channel Manager deleting the subtitles is absurd. Did you or your friend ask her why she did that? I wish we could hear her reasoning because said like this it doesn’t make sense.
How to report? The usual way. By opening a ticket in Help OR by clicking the flag in the person’s profile.
Be aware though that clicking the flag doesn’t allow you to include screenshots (if you have them - but you probably don’t, since you didn’t know what would happen)


Leaving the subs is, in fact, beneficial to the project, since there needs to be at least one saved sub in Telugu before the project appears automatically in the Project finder.

This sounds to me like this CM is not only inexperienced as a CM, but also as a VIki contributor in general. I agree, it’s time to open a ticket in the help center and get to the bottom of the issue.


I agree.initially we dont know each other that we are telugu subbers i knew about the subber through the cm only and the cm asked me about helping her that it would be burdensome for one person to finish it and i told i (we) will finish together but after i finish mine as it is little short one
And she did not reply to me and i didnt disturb her.
And i told my friend that lets both finish our both projects and told her that im looking for other telugu subbers on viki too
And we started i found 3 other subbers
And now this is what happend.

She did but did not get a reply back we are waiting and im wondering what might be the reason.


After getting a proper reply we will procced further


Use this form:


  • Give as many details as you can cdrama name, which episodes it happened too etc, also provide them with as much proof you have.
  • Have your friend file report as well, Viki will most likely contact her to verify anyway so it’s more handy if you both file a report.

And I agree, this sounds like a rather new CM, if that’s the case its even more important to report. So Viki can explain some things.


Yes after we get a proper reply we will do that and she is a manager of many popular dramas including korean and Chinese she is not a new channel manager


My friend reported her.
I think no one can remove the subs.all the team members can only edit them
Only cm can do it and she dont know? What? I definitely think she is lying.


Ugh… Can’t people just be nice? Is it really so hard?

There could have been some technical error with Viki which removed the subs. But a good CM would have the decency and respect to check that, regardless id the person in question is a member of the team or not.


Is it technically possible when a team member is removed that the subcount disappears from the member profil and perhaps the subtitles in the editor as well, wouldn’t the activity (delete) appear in the editor “activity search”, just wondering…


Within the team, only the CM can delete other people’s subs, and only all subs for the entire language (per episode). So if anyone else would also have subbed in that language in the same episode, those subtitles would disappear as well.
Of course Viki Staff can delete anyone’s subs, but they would need to have a reason for that. And it would show in the activity of the subtitle editor.
The only other option is indeed some technical error …


Yes the activity tab shows who deleted subs

And if Viki staff deleted the subs they will definitely leave a message to the respective person who wrote them.and yes they do it when they have a proper reason.
And I don’t know about any technical errors.


If the CM has no idea what happened to the subs it’s either a bug or Viki deleted them. Because how can a CM not know wether or not he/she used the delete button to delete all subs in a certain language in an episode?

CM can only delete subs per episode, that’s why CM’s must make sure if there are no subs of multiple people in that episode. Next to that the person who made the subs can delete them or Viki. What can also happen is that your subs are not visible in an episode. That can happen when multiple people subbed something, in that case an editor needs to choose the best sub. But in that case your subs are NOT deleted, just not visible when you watch an episode. You can still see them in tge subtitle editor.


My friend reported to viki and we are waiting for the response.

She didn’t do that.

If this is the case they will inform the respective person as far as i know.

The subs are gone and the total contribution count is decreased ( 700+) from the profile thats how we noticed that subs are gone.

If she didn’t delete the subs or if she know nothing can’t she look into the issue and inform the subber ?
And she is simply asking to stop the conversation as she is not part of the team??? Is it fair enough?


On point! I just created a topic about moderators. Makes me wonder if they are trying to kill the good spirits that caused people to want to join Viki! Also, are they trying to drive away those who are long standing subscribers, and contributors?

New Style of moderating Viki's main page of a show's comments

Is there a resolution yet? I hope so. :muscle: