Channels needing help in segmenting, subbing or transcribing

@esther3_940 Thank you! Now I know how it works, I was a little confused at the beginning but thanks for your help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :slight_smile:

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Awesome! No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would love to be able to volunteer to sub for this drama. I can translate to English, Korean, Chinese and Spanish!

Thank you so much!


Hi Hannah, that is awesome! I’m not a segmenter or a subber or a channel manager but If you click onto the channel of The Brightest Star in the Sky on the top left corner you will see Channel manager. You can contact the channel manger and and ask them. Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! Thank you so much this helps a lot!!! Have a great day!

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if anyone needs a segmenter let me know. I have graduated from ninja academy sandbox and i am a QC

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I would like to translate this drama into Polish. I have 20 episodes ready in my language, i wrote to the channel moderator but i don’t like it. Please tell me what else to do, Polish fans want to watch it in their language.

If you wrote to the Polish moderator, did you get any reply? You should wait for ca one week and write again to the mod or to the CM.

You say you have 20 episodes ready in Polish. But the drama has only 11 episodes 100% completed in English, and the rest are mostly under 10%. This means you either:

  1. translated from another English translation outside of Viki, which is not allowed, or
  2. you know Chinese (less likely)

Do you see the issue here?

This drama has no Polish moderator, I wrote to the main drama person.
I translated 20 episodes from Chinese, sooner I shared them on youtube server, now I want to legally on viki. I’m also trying to put my translation on the channel
華 策 FUN 國際 | HUACE GLOBAL FUN on youtube officially.

Then you should write to the Channel manager (CM) the following:

  • you know Chinese and you translate directly from Chinese to Polish
  • you want to be the Polish moderator (in charge of the Polish language) for that drama or the Polish subtitler (if you are not yet a qualified contributor, QC, at Viki).

There is no rule on Viki forbidding you to translate directly from the original language. On the contrary, the quality of direct translation is usually better than if you were to translate from English to Polish (secondary translation). Under the condition that you know both Chinese and Polish well enough, of course.

Also, then you do’t have to wait for the permission from the English team to translate. They will be going at their own pace, and you at your own.

If after all of that the CM still doesn’t allow you to translate, contact Viki directly:

I’m just curious, how will you know, if someone knows both languages well enough for a direct translation? If you skip the english subtitles and take on a direct translation, it’s difficult to check the quality of the subtitles. You could ask someone you know and whom you’re trusting, but if this person doesn’t speak Chinese and Polish, but English and Polish, he/she could only tell, if the Polish subs have a correct spelling and syntax, but not if the translation is correct.


Well, they can be checked after the English is ready, but not right away of course. Her skills can be tested through working on an episode or two and then being checked and evaluated to see whether she should continue that way or not.


Good point!

I would just add that if this were a historical Chinese drama, it might have been really hard to compare the direct English with the direct Polish purely because of the intricate nature of the “old” Chinese language.

But since this is a modern drama, the check shouldn’t be that hard.

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My English is not good, but I’m studying Chinese, I spent a year on student exchange. I passed all the exams in Chinese, now I have returned to Poland and I wrote a thesis at the end of the first degree studies, which was also in Chinese. There are Polish moderators here at viki to which you could ask if, for example, I have 1 episode well translated into Polish. I am of the opinion that if I do something, I do it 100% correctly, I would not like to give something incomplete or badly translated.


That is truly great, Katarzyna :blush: And super interesting! I wish you the warmest welcome to our little, but strong community of hard-core, “every comma and full-stop must be correct” translators :grin:

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How do I join and start segmenting. I have done some training on random videos but I don’t know what else to do. I am new so I cant do major well known shows. But would love to start learning and practicing on less advertised shows. Where can I get more training and who do I need to contact?

@ nanas35
My advice is to apply for a segmenting course.
No channel manager I know of accepts segmenters who haven’t taken the full course.
Read the segmenting rules here.

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Sorry for bumping up this old thread!

Just thought to mention that Taiwanese drama, Crime Scene Investigation Center, is being used for training purposes, and thus, is unable to be completed. I wrote to Viki, asking if I could help finish the subs for this drama, and was told about this.

Such a pity though; I really like this drama. :disappointed_relieved:

On a side note, thank you so much for this list! I’d be useful for me, but more than 90% are restricted in my region too. Hopefully someone will be able to pick them up. Many of the Taiwanese and Hong Kong dramas are my childhood favourites.


Simply bumping

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