Channels needing help in segmenting, subbing or transcribing

I was browsing the explore the other day and I have found some old dramas that need help

  1. (from taiwan)
    this needs only ep 13 (final) to be translated into english

  2. (serbian)
    i think it needs segmenting and translating into english

  3. (hong kong)
    episodes 28 till 32 are waiting to be translated into english

  4. (chinese)

  5. (chinese)
    ep 18-50 needs english translation

    “Queen Insoo” has 5 episodes without English subtitles left. If you would like to help us out, please send a PM to

  7. (chinese)
    this is only 10 episodes(ep 1 is translated) and its a web drama each episodes is 17 minutes or so long

  8. (chinese)
    10 episodes as well and a web drama with 20 minute long episodes.

  9. (chinese)
    33 episodes

  10. (chinese)
    35 episodes (ep 1-4 are subbed)

  11. (chinese)
    29 episodes (1-2 episodes are subbed)

  12. (chinese)
    55 episodes(ep 1-2 subbed)

  13. (chinese)
    37 episodes

  14. (chinese)
    needs segmenters and subbers (34 ep)

  15. (chinese)
    34 ep(1 ep 99%, ep 2 82%)

  16. (chinese)
    only 10 episodes(ep 1-2 85%,ep 3 50%)

  17. (chinese)
    Segmenters Needed
    (Must be a Graduate from Ninja Academy or Segmenter101)
    Chi-Eng Subbers Needed
    (Must be fluent in both Chinese and English)

  18. (chinese)
    30 episodes needs chi-eng subbers

  19. (chinese)
    only 12 episodes needs ch-eng subbers

  20. (chinese web drama)
    only 12 episodes (ep 1-6 75% and 7-12 65% approximately)

  21. (chinese)
    42 episodes (need help in segmenting and translating )

  22. (chinese)
    episodes 27-38(last) needs translating

  23. (chinese)
    23 ep needs ch-eng subbers

  24. (chinese)
    ep 25 (ep 7-25 needs translating)

  25. (chinese)
    43 ep needs ch-eng subbers

  26. web drama)
    20 eps 20 minute long (ep 1-4 subbed)

  27. (chinese)
    36 ep(ep 9-end needs completion)

  28. (chinese)
    31 episodes(ep 15-31 needs translating)

    ep 38 (13-38 needs translating)

    eps 32 (ep 11-end needs translating)

    25 ep(13-end need completion)

    The project is current under preparation and not ready for subbing or segging yet. Please send a PM to the channel manager, viv1010, if you want to the join the team.

    ep 19-40 needs translating

    needs segmenters and chi-eng subbers

  35. Temptation of Wife
    Also needs translating, segmenting (some segments are missing on each episode), and editing.

  36. (need completion 85%)

  37. web drama)
    9 episodes(ep 6 to end )

    ep 9-36 need completion

  39. (japanese)
    6 episodes need completion

  40. (japanese)
    currently 76%

    12 episodes(need completion)

  42. (korean)
    its almost finished need translation editing only

  43. (korean)
    ep 14-end need segmenters and kor-eng translators

  44. (korean)
    it is hardsubbed. 15 episodes need filling the english translation available
    from the hardsubs into the empty segments

  45. (korean)
    it is hardsubbed. episodes 6-13 need filling the english translation available
    from the hardsubs into the empty segments

    it is hardsubbed. 19 episodes need filling the english translation available
    from the hardsubs into the empty segments

    10 episodes (hardsubbed need transcribing)

    17 episodes( (hardsubbed need transcribing)

    episodes 3,5, 6,7-9, 11, 15,18 need kor-eng subbers to be completed

    (hardsubbed need transcribing)(ep 23-till end need transcribing, we also need TE and english editors to ensure the quality of the available subs. currently i have started editing ep1)

    (hardsubbed need transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need segmenting and transcribing)

    needs kor-eng subbers

    (hardsubbed need transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need segmenting and transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need segmenting and transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need segmenting and transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need segmenting and transcribing)

    need kor-eng subbers

    (hardsubbed need transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need segmenting and transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need segmenting and transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need segmenting and transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need segmenting and transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need segmenting and transcribing)

    (hardsubbed need transcribing)(ep 11-end)

    need kor-eng subbers

    need kor-eng subbers

    recruiting segmenters and subbers

    recruiting subbers

  73. taiwanese
    recruiting subbers

  74. taiwanese
    recruiting subbers

    recruiting segmenters and subbers

    recruiting segmenters and subbers
    recruiting subbers

    recruiting subbers

    recruiting subbers

    recruiting subbers

    recruiting subbers

    recruiting subbers

    recruiting segmenters and subbers

  83. (taiwanese)
    only two more episodes and its ready so if you know the language or know someone who does let him contact the channel manager

    a couple of episodes need completion(now they are at about 70%)

    recruiting subbers

  86. (hong kong)
    recruiting subbers

    (hong kong)
    recruiting subbers

  88. and 91.
    (hong kong)
    recruiting subbers(needs just a little of bit to be completed
    if anyone is willing to help in any of these drama series don’t forget to contact the channel manager


“Dreamer” (Chinese) is actually in the process of being finished. There was a kind of “commercial” with the director and the actors that had nothing to do with the actual drama at the end of the episodes. Because of the difficulty in even subbing them (Words mumbled, hard to hear and understand, music covering the voices, etc.), we decided to take those out. It was either that or lose the sub team due to frustration. It took one very good subber three days to get one of those segments 98% translated.


Mahoula dear :slight_smile: I want to put forward one really great drama that needs FIVE EPISODES to complete. It is Queen Insoo.

DESPERATELY needed - one or more really GOOD Korean to English subtitlers to complete this. It is historical - and an amazing drama. the last 5 eps are waiting to be done - because the valiant mulgasis has medical issues and has been unable to try to complete this drama. Please contact mirna023_316, the Channel Manager, if you can help!

Fans and volunteers alike are watching this drama and believe me, ANY subber who helps finish this will be our HERO!

And by the way, Queen Insoo is a GREAT drama to watch. It also goes well with Six Flying Dragons…and Tree with Deep Roots, it handles the period after Sejong!

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut


Mahoula Ma’am :slight_smile:

I can also shed light on Item 9 - A Swordsman in the Wilderness. :slight_smile:

Mirna and I have recently taken this one over as Co-Channel Managers Mirna is in charge of moderators and segmenting, and I am heading up the Chinese to English and editing. Logical :). We do seek Ninja Academy grads for this on segmenting by the way. :slight_smile:

I am also recruiting Mandarin to English subtitlers but note again, this is a historical/costume/wuxia project, please know that it will be one where we leave the “guys and goodbyes” in the modern era - and people “take their leave” etc. :slight_smile:

So contact me - deadliftdiva_548 - if you want to join us to subtitle Mandarin to English (I am handling JUST that one please :slight_smile: ) - and Mirna - mirna023_316 for segmenting, moderating, and subtitles in OTHER LANGUAGES or click on the link and find us on the cover page to get ahold of us by PM :).

Linda/deadliftdiva_548, aka Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
As Chinese Drama FANS and Volunteers, we must work to bring our dramas to the world! :slight_smile:

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Item 50: One Fine Day - is complete in transcription. I know. I did it. :slight_smile:

All it needs is lyrics in a few places - and editing. It’s Mirna’s and she’s about to start editing it. :slight_smile:

So you can go ahead and take 50 off the list. :slight_smile:

Linda/CD, HD.

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Item 28 and 32 - Xuan Yuan Sword and Young Warriors -

Xuan Yuan Sword was previously completed as a fan channel and then FINALLY got a license. Well, they lost the subs in the process so that’s why it’s being redone. Anybody who can help them redo their work would be kind. :slight_smile: So it’s one of the few fan channels to survive this disaster for Chinese Drama…but it’s tough that they have to DO IT ALL AGAIN!

The Young Warriors - last I heard and that was a week ago - the channel manager is possibly starting that in December. It’s a really good drama,and I hope folks will help work on it. :slight_smile:


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Me and itsjoo are working on super rookie.

9ends 2 outs I really liked and don’t mind subbing.

BHB and I are working on Royal Prince’s First Love. Some subs are wrong. We need to cut the episodes and time to not the hard subs but voice. Could we ask a Japanese subber to do the Japanese for us? I think there might also be Tahitian??

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Thats awesome. Thank you for letting me know. I will leave it out of the list then. Don’t forget to delete the untraslated segments so as people know that it is subbed completely.
Keep up the good work
Jia you!!!
All the best

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First of all thank you for answering me. The reason I made this thread is in order for new/ or old volunteers can find out these (as I thought) neglected drama series that you can’t see easily when you are checking the site.
Now about the first drama you mentioned queen insso i know all about it and i left it out of the list because mirna already made a thread about that.
For the series “A Swordsman in the Wilderness” I am glad you decided to take it on.
For the “One fine day” the fact you finished transcribing is great news. You know if you can’t find the lyrics is no big deal you can just delete those segments (i did that in general hospital 2 because I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere and I didn’t have a kor-eng volunteer to help translating them). I will take it off the list now as well.
Keep up the good work

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Thank you for letting me know sophie. So should I take super rookie and 9 ends 2 outs out of the list or do you need more help?
And I will try to help you find segmenters and a japanese subber for starters for royal prince’s first love

Thank you Ma’am. :slight_smile:

I mention Insoo everywhere and I would keep it here on this thread too please. :slight_smile:

We really have to find someone - and somewhere there must be that special person who commits to COMPLETING Queen Insoo.

Mirna has tried for some time to get someone to help and finish it - and seriously, there has to be some great Korean to English subber who SHOULD do this work!

The fans, and the volunteers who did the rest of it - well, everyone really should see this drama completed. :slight_smile:

thank you for putting up this thread - and I know how much fun it is to go through things. :slight_smile:

(I am also helping complete one that is NOT listed here and you SHALL see me on your project soon…!)

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut

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I mentioned only licenced series that I thought were the most needy for volunteers (and there were requests from fans to be subbed soon) so thats the reason I haven’t put some series.

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we would like more help.

FYI. I’ve been TEing and completing the subs from ep 1. Recently, from ep 6 another vikian joined to help. We’ve now completed till ep 9. I’m finishing up TE and subbing of ep 10. So, you can consider this drama has been taken care of. Thanks.

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Temptation of Wife
Almost fully subbed and segmented.
However, there are some remaining lines that need translating, segmenting (some segments are missing on each episode), and most importantly editing.

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Hello ! We also need subbers here :persevere: chin-eng and eng-fr :wave:

You are awesome. thank you for your hard work.

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I already put it on the list

Mahoula -

I have also stepped up to help with Item 42 - the K drama “Next” - it’s a costume/historical (sorta K wuxia) - and I talked to Bettina who is the CM there.

She tells me that it’s fully segmented and I have signed on to help transcribe this AFTER I get my other two on my transcription only list complete. :slight_smile: Right now i have 5 eps left, then you know where I am next. :slight_smile: as promised. Then Next is well, next. :slight_smile:

So that’s where that one is at present - no need for segmenting, just transcription. :slight_smile:


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thats great to hear. thank you