[China, Mandarin!] TWO Dramas...Historical/Costume/Wuxia!

Two Excellent Dramas, unified by ONE Channel Manager as of this morning!

You are cordially invited to bring your subtitle skills for Chinese to English to Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013) and Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008). The HEROES Team has been working with Condor for a couple of months and started a good effort there! Condor segmenting is currently also ahead 5 full episodes…our subtitle Heroes are also scholars in the real world and need time for their studies! :slight_smile:

This morning, I was minding my own business when someone essentially GAVE me Demi-Gods! And what a combination this really is, these are two linked dramas, by the same author! Demi-Gods is the prequel to Condor. :slight_smile:

So…Demi-Gods has been helped considerably in segmenting by the Ninja Academy Students, so they are far ahead of any subtitles. We have a little editing to do of some previous work, and then it’s all in your hands…should you join the Dragon Team. :slight_smile:

Please do look at the recent episodes turned out in Condor - I joined after Episode 3. We will respect your work, and make it shine to the best of our abilities. We make decisions on difficulties in translation by consensus. This is truly a TEAM effort. :slight_smile:

Please join us in working with these dramas, and enjoy the challenge and eventual completion of the 104 total episodes with us!

Linda/deadliftdiva_548, the commenter known as Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
Channel Manager with AmyPun at Demi-Gods - Amy is primarily working with NA students. :slight_smile: but you may contact either of us for Demi-Gods :slight_smile:
Channel Manager, Legend of the Condor Heroes. - contact me please for the Chinese to English Heroes Team!


I will also apparently need an Indonesian moderator - I have a subber who has stepped forward with the desire to give us Demigods in. “BahasaIndonesian”- as I am not an expert on this language, please let me know if anyone out there can moderate this one for me. :slight_smile: I would like the person or Team that grows around them to be well supported as this is 54 episodes 54!

Thank you,

Linda/Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
Channel Manager, Demi-Gods and SemiDevils and Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008