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Hello everyone,

I’m new to this and excited to be able to converse with everyone of you all. I want to know who is your favorite Chinese celebrity, why, and how you became a fan of them?

I’ll go first.

My favorite celebrity is Huang Zitao “Taotao” “Panda” “Kung Fu Panda” “Tao”. I fell in love with him ever since his drama The Brightest Star in the Sky got released. He’s an amazing actor, singer, rapper, and model.


I tend to not have many favorites since I enjoy watching and listening to the different actors/actresses and singers, but I’ll list my four favorites so far.

Jackie Chan (Singer and Actor): My first memories of Jackie Chan are of when I was a little girl. My dad would put the cassettes in the player and I remember watching a very young and handsome Jackie Chan beating all of the bad guys with his kung fu. I still remember some scenes–too bad our cassette player doesn’t work, or else I would re-watch all of his earlier movies. When the movie Little Big Soldier (Da Bing Xiao Jiang) came out, I immediately checked it out from the library, and to this day, that movie remains as one of my favorites. I didn’t realize then that Leehom Wang played as the general; it wasn’t until maybe a several months ago that I realized that such a famous singer/rapper played as the general!

Arthur Chen (Chinese name Chen Fei Yu) (Chinese actor): I first saw him in Ever Night season 1 and boy was I impressed! Ever Night was the third Chinese drama I saw, so I didn’t have a lot of experience with them. I loved the swag and vulnerability he lent to his character. Also, he is a few months older than me, so I felt that I could relate to him (even if it’s an unreal impression in my mind). It feels nice supporting an actor who’s around my age.


Jeff Chang (Taiwanese singer): I don’t know if he has starred in any dramas, but I love his music! I came across his songs by chance via the Youtube playlist, and I never regret doing so. His style of music is nostalgic and catchy and his voice is unique.

Dilraba Dilmurat (Chinese actress and model): I don’t know how she is as a person, but I do enjoy seeing her act on screen. She is very beautiful and she seems nice and approachable (but that could all be a persona for the screen–who knows?). Anyways, I first saw her in The King’s Woman.

As to how these actors/singers are as people, I don’t know and honestly, it doesn’t really concern me too much. Their work has accompanied me on different parts of my life journey, and I’m grateful that they put themselves out there. To them, they are just doing what they love; to me, each voice and face has an emotion and memories attached to them. :slight_smile:


Oh my god! I have too many to name!!
First off, I gotta name my recent favorite actor!
Lin Yu Shen! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I fall in love with him right away!
He acted phenomenally in “Dating in the kitchen”.
The acting, the gaze, the gestures, and the speech everything is on point.
He portrayed ranges of emotions accurately and perfectly with the story line.

Here is one of them…


I hope to see more of his works on Viki!!

Gotta leave this topic (for now),before I start flooding it! :laughing::laughing::laughing::rofl::rofl::rofl:
As you can tell I am totally smitten by him… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I haven’t seen any of his dramas, maybe I’ll watch one soon :smile:

Currently enjoying Zhang Yi Xing’s acting in The Golden Eyes (from the first episode, I really like the casual and in-control vibe he lends his character)





Well, I love many of those people from above.

One of my favourites (amoung many) is actress (赵丽颖) Zhao Li Ying (Zanilla Zhao)

Her skin basically glows (I mean, look at that skin), and not to mention she has amazing acting skills. Upon that, she has a degree in electronic information engineering! She does a lot of historical dramas (which, personally, are my favourite), but she also does modern ones as well. I first watched her in Best Get Going

Another actor is (杨洋) Yang Yang. His debut was in The Dream Of Red Mansions, and he is a talented actor. I first watched him in The King’s Avatar.

And… last one for this channel before it gets absolutely flooded by me…
(关晓彤) Guan Xiao Tong!

This young 23-year-old really can act! It is quite a shame that her relationship with Luhan has shadowed a lot of her work. You should watch her on reality show Ace vs Ace and see how amazing she is at remembering lines after being told them a few times. I first watched her in Shadow (the movie)



Mark Chao - Eternal Love was the first show I saw him in and I also like his other movies and shows. Young Detective Dee, Chronicles of the Ghost World, Till the end of the World… etc.


Xu Kai Cheng - He was outrageous and hilarious as Boss Ling in Well Intended Love - I am currently watching Dance of the Phoenix.


Jackie Chan has always been a favorite. His action scenes are something else.


Bruce Lee - Well, because Bruce Lee :grin: (And he’s a local guy! - San Francisco) We used to watch his action flicks all nite at the drive-ins (Back in the early 70’s when he was ruling the world and kicking butt. :sunglasses: :grin:)

There are so many others. I’ll come back and spam you all later. lol


I do not know this actor or where this image comes from but this screenshot makes me think of a scary geek-type guy. uh… what is he going to do? :grin: That implacable expression does not say ax-murderer… (That lets you off too easy.) It says, I will destroy the prospects of you and your children. :scream: :rofl:


:rofl::rofl::joy::joy: yes, he does have a scary vibe to him in this screenshot. I like how you described it! Actually, the policewoman suspects him from the beginning of working with some treasure thieves, and I don’t blame her because he does seem like he is hiding something under the surface…
(I haven’t finished watching the show though, so I have no idea if I’m right :D)


I would love to see more! I don’t watch as many Cdramas as I do Korean dramas, so getting introduced to Chinese actors broadens my knowledge :slight_smile:


Here’s another actor/model, Vivian Dawson aka Jin Rong. I’ve only watched one of his movies and that was Sorry I Love You, and I really liked his accent! According to, he was born in Canada to New Zealander and Chinese-Singaporean parents. He later grew up in New Zealand, and he now works in Taiwan. For me, his accent when he speaks English is so gorgeous!



Ok. Jasper Liu is a cutie. He’s from Taiwan.

I am having trouble finding a big enough good quality pic of him smiling! He has such a big, friendly smile and dimples. :grin:



I actually haven’t seen any of his dramas :persevere: but he looks so familiar! Maybe one of his dramas is on my to-watch list.


Ho-Ley! I was looking through the Viki main page for my shows and saw this guy. He looks so much like Choi Jin Hyuk that I did a double take. They could be brothers or cousins. :laughing:

I saw the picture on Vampire Cleanup Crew which is a Hong Kong show. Here’s a paste of the two. Brothers? Cousins? Interesting, ain’t it?


You should also check out Xu Kai and Bai Lu. I became a fan of Bai Lu after her role in Untouchable Lovers. Xu Kai amde his way into my heart after playing the male lead in The Legends together with Bai Lu. Check them out, they are very talented. <3


woah, he does! I was looking at some pics of Jasper Liu, and there was a photo with him and Lee Seung Gi. I did a double take because they looked alike, except that Seung Gi is tanner.


They had a show on NetFlix called Twogether where they traveled around southeast Asian countries looking for their fans.


Luhan dans le drama Sweet Combat