[Chinese Drama] GWTS Team Recruiting Ch/Eng Subbers for 3 Dramas


I’m Choesook, one of the English Editor / Moderators for the Gone With the Shirt Team.
Currently we are recruiting Chinese / English Subtitlers and Segmenters for 3 dramas. They are:

  • Su Ran Ran’s Husband Hunting Journey … Historical Romance. 50 episodes
  • Border Town Prodigal … Wuxia - new but good old fashion action. 22 episodes
  • The Wife’s Lies … Melodrama - How long can one woman lie before she’s caught. 52 episodes

Come join one of the hottest teams around. Fun is our middle name.
If you are interested please post below or PM (Private Message) me.
Thanking you in advance.


Hey pengyou :slight_smile:

Wow! this is an adaptation of the very well-received Kdrama ‘My Daughter Seo Young’ which I love and have watched over and over. I’ve yet to check out the Cdrama version. From the teasers, the cOTP Anne Ting and Zhang Xiao Long look like a hottie pair :slight_smile: But for now, I still love the kOTP of LBY/LSY.

You can count me in as an editor(general) if you need one for this drama :sunglasses: As my plate is pretty full now, I’ll pass on the (chi-eng) subbing and on the other two dramas.


Glad to hear from you too, pengyou!

I loved ‘My Daughter, Seo Young’, too. I really want to see how this version matches up. I’ll send your request along to the Empress. It’ll be great working together again.:heart_eyes:

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TADA … You’ve been added.


Hey, I’d like to help segment.

Sorry to be so late in answering.
Please contact sabrinafair or serenite78 if you’d like to segment and on which drama.

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That one sounds interesting. If you don’t mind the inexperience me, I can help segment. I have just graduated from Ninja Academy’s Sandbox and will be going to the advanced stage eventually.

Hi, I’m glad you’re interested. It’s a pretty good drama. Likewise, please contact serenite78 if you would like to segment. Hoping to see you there.

Hey @catcherofdreams,

I think it’s possible while taking a break after sandbox (but I’m not sure) and if you still want afterwards, to go to advanced stage.
In case of, we never know http://nssacademy.weebly.com/student-rules.html.

Good luck to you and to GWTS :kissing_heart:!!!

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Thanks for bringing that up. I’ll check in with my sensei.

I thought it was alright because the sensei that taught me through the sandbox talked about reaching 1k contribution points to be QC trainee or something similar. They will give me a temporary QC position, but sensei still emphasis a lot on the 1k. So I thought I should start gathering them while I wait to be contact for the advance stage.

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hey I would love to help do chinese to english subs for Su Ran Ran’s Husband Hunting Journey!

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Come on over and join the party then!
I tried sending you a message but it didn’t go through.
So you need to make an account on the video page besides the one here.
Hope to see you soon.