Chinese Drama Most Position Recruiting - My Fair Princess Season 2

Hello everyone, we are recruiting team members for the classic Chinese drama My Fair Princess 2.(
Positions open include Chief Editor, Chief Segmenter, Translation Editor, General Editor, Moderators, and segmenters.
Current Moderators include:
If you would like to sub in any of the above-mentioned languages please contact the respective moderator, otherwise please contact the channel manager for any other positions.

The year is 1760. Princesses Xiao Yan Zi (Zhao Wei) and Xia Zi Wei (Ruby Lin) are adored by Emperor Qian Long.
But things are about to change for the young girls. The Empress dislikes both of them, and plots to turn the powerful Dowager Empress against them. Both of the princesses are from poor backgrounds, and she instantly takes a dislike to them.
Meanwhile, the princesses meet the lover of an Uyghur chieftain at a restaurant. He explains the sad tale of his love for the Uyghur chieftain’s daughter – explaining that she has been sent to become the concubine of Emperor Qian Long
The young women resolve to help the chieftain’s daughter and succeed in sneaking her out of the palace
However, when the Emperor learns what has happened, he sentences them both to death in a fit of fury
With help from their friends, they escape the palace. But the scheming Empress wants rid of them forever, and sends a band of deadly assassins after them
Can the princesses escape the deadly threat – and might they one day return to the Imperial Palace?
“My Fair Princess Season 2” is a 1999 Chinese period drama that was directed by Sun Shu Pei and Li Ping.


Were you able to find your team? I am ready to segment when someone can give me a chance, I have been on the waiting list for ninja academy for a while now.