[Chinese Drama] “The Sleeping Beauty” - Recruiting all positions

Hi everyone! The channel for the chinese drama “The Sleeping Beauty” got approved and we are looking now for segmenters, chinese-english subbers, editors and other language moderators as well as subbers.

Quick Access: https://www.viki.com/tv/32468c-the-sleeping-beauty?q=the%20sl

Licensed region: Worldwide except China
QC access: allowed

Thank you to all of you for your support. I look forward to seeing/working with all of you.

Have a fantastic night!


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Hi. Do you still need moderators? I would like to be a portuguese moderator or subber. I dont have a lot of experience

Hello rcco,

Thank you for your interest. There is already a Portuguese moderator, her ID is roberta_425. You can contact her so she can add you to the Portuguese team. If you cannot contact her, let me know and I will add you .

Thank you,


Hello, I am interested in translating from eng to french . Thanks .

Hello, yassmine_fessili_230

Welcome to the team, I will add you to the French team.
Thank you,

Hi Yassmine,

I am having trouble adding youto the team ns I cannot find your username. Please send me a private message, Below is the link to my profile.

Thank you,


Thank you very much !! :smile:
I am sorry to tell you this now but I don’t have any experience with translating :pensive:
I may ask a lot of question about how we do this , please bear with me !
Thanks a lot !

I don’t mind helping if you still need it~

Yes, I still need help. Let me know if you want to translate, segment ot both. I really appreciate all your help.

No prob~ I can do both translating and segmenting from chinese -> english :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, I’ll add you to the team and also episode 1 is ready to be segmented!!!

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I would like to offer my assistance in being a english sub editor…if there is still a position available

Hi, i am interested in translating from chinese to english

Hi sipe08

Yes, the position is still available. Any help is really appreciate it.

I’ll add you to the team.

Thank you!


Welcome to the team, I’ll add you as a subber, you can start subbing.

Thank you!

i can do english sub, but this is my first time subbing so i dont have any experience so pls bear with me if im bad thanks

Hi julia_jin1_666,

Welcome to the team!

Hi. Do you still need subbers? I can translate from English to Spanish and viceversa…