[Chinese Drama] Xiaoju's Spring - Looking for subber, moderators and segmenters

I need moderator in any language except for spanish english and francés.
to Xioju’s spring chinese/taiwan drama
i’m also looking for subbers to chinese to english , and segmenters urgently! don’t doudt and send me a PM or answer here :slight_smile:


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Hi, I’m looking for chinese-english subbers and segmenters for the drama Daughter Back. If anyone is interested, please send me a pm.

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i can sub from english- urdu/punjabi and segment. Let me know if you need any help.

hi there, actually i need segmenters now.
can you help?

I can translate form english to spanish :slight_smile:

hi there, please send a PM to spanihs moderator.

If anyone is looking for a segmenter, or translator (profile for languages), PM me! I’ll try to drop by :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Which part do you need ? Segment or Subber ?
Which drama are you working now ?
Just let me know if you want me help you.


I can subs english to malay! I can help you if you needed subbers!

i can sub english to indonesia… if you need help just let me know :blush:

Hi, I would love to start helping with subbing. I can do Chinese>English. Please let me know if there are any projects I can start helping with. :smile:

hi there, yes of course that will be grat. you can send a PM to indulgeindrama wich is chinese-englihs moderator :wink:
thank oyu.

yes! that will help us thought thank you, please send me a PM :wink: just say hi!

i can segment, if you still need help somewhere.
greetings, springlulu:)

Welcome to the team, please wait my PM whit the segment go :wink:
Thank you! :slight_smile:

i can subtitling english to indonesia

I can subtitle english and chinese into indonesia language :smiley:

Hi, I need Indonesia subber for You Light Up My Star drama. Contact me if you want to join and help me :smile:

Hi I can sub english to spanish!..

Hi! I would like to sub from English to spanish or to French… just let know…I would be happy to help!