Chinese-English Subber


Hi I’m proficient in Mandarin and English and I’m looking for a project to work on right now.


Hey @linjieying96_939!

How you doing? Great to see you around here!
In Rose and Knight, the CE @kakashiandme is recruiting, maybe you should give it a look!
Cheering for you!!


Chinese drama “Rose and Knight” is currently recruiting Chinese-English subbers.
Chinese drama “Love Like White Jade” is currently recruiting Translation Editors.
There may be an opening for a Translation Editor for Chinese drama “My Uncanny Destiny.” I am not sure they are still recruiting or not. You would need to contact the Chief Editor.
Good Luck to you!


Hello, contact this CE, they will check your knowledge of those 2 languages and then they will hire you.
@kakashiandme, @cerejacult, @nicefly09, @trangstar888,@worthyromance


I don’t have any Chinese drama needing subs at the moment.