Chinese-English subbers, are you looking for a new C-drama or Tw-drama subbing project to join? Come join us! :D


Hello everyone, I am looking for Chinese-English subbers for some Chinese & Taiwanese dramas. If you are looking for a new subbing project, there are plenty of channels that need your help! Please check out these channels and let me know if you’re interested! We accept part-time subbers too, every little bit helps!!!

A Good Wife (Taiwanese drama) - romance, human

Painted Skin (Chinese drama) - period, romance, fantasy

Hot Mom! (Chinese drama) - romance, comedy, family

Arrows on the Bowstring (Chinese drama) - action & adventure


Hello, I’d like to help by subtitling Chinese - English. I’m not sure how to start, do I need to be added to a group? Or just go straight to the video and click subtitle editor?


I can do chi-eng subbing and editor. I could also attempt at segmenting if needed.


Hi, before you start subbing for any of these dramas, please read the Subbing Guidelines in the Team Notes first and also ask me to join the team so I can add you to the Team List. :smiley: You can get to the Team Notes by going to the subtitle editor.


Awesome! I have contacted you, I heard from @Pelicancharm you are interested in helping with Painted Skin?



Why the page of Painted Skin can not be found?



Hiya, I want to join a chinese- english subbing team; would probably do it part time.
How do I join teams?


In my case, it says is out of my region so I can’t watch it NOW. But thankfully, I had seen it a long time ago when I did Spanish subs on the drama. It’s a wonderful drama and I really hope you get to see it.
If anyone here knows any other info I hope they provide it for you.

PS. Isn’t it ironic, I did my volunteer work there and I can’t see it?


Hello, do you know anyone who will be willing to translate S C I 谜案集 for fans? Thank you


Hi, would you like to help sub S C I 谜案集?


Hi !

I would like to help. Please let me know to ?

Thank you .


Hi !

I want to help with subbing from Chinese to English , about 5 to 7 hours per week .
As I am new to this , can you put me with the right contact ?

Thank you !


Hi. Im looking for an english subber. I want to make a request of subbing my favorite chinese drama, can you help me?


Hi I can help subbing some of the Chinese. I understand maybe 60-80% Chinese, depending on the slang or accent or so. I would love to try and help, and would love to work with more subbers :slight_smile:


I would love to be apart of the Chinese to English subtitle community, if I am needed.


hi minnie, please message me on facebook so that, we could talk about it. Im so eager and excited to watch it now. I would really appreciate your help and you were a big help for me. thank you :slight_smile:


I can do CHI-ENG subbing and ENG-FR subbing


hi @galladriel_251 can i make a request of subbing The Destiny of White Snake 2018?


I hope “The destiny of the white snake 2018” will be avaible soon. I cant see any videos yet, i have appield to become part of the team _)


Hi, I’m interested in Chi-Eng subbing and would like to volunteer in subbing but I am new to subbing.