Chinese-English subbers, are you looking for a new C-drama or Tw-drama subbing project to join? Come join us! :D

Hello everyone, I am looking for Chinese-English subbers for some Chinese & Taiwanese dramas. If you are looking for a new subbing project, there are plenty of channels that need your help! Please check out these channels and let me know if you’re interested! We accept part-time subbers too, every little bit helps!!!

A Good Wife (Taiwanese drama) - romance, human

Painted Skin (Chinese drama) - period, romance, fantasy

Hot Mom! (Chinese drama) - romance, comedy, family

Arrows on the Bowstring (Chinese drama) - action & adventure

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Hello, I’d like to help by subtitling Chinese - English. I’m not sure how to start, do I need to be added to a group? Or just go straight to the video and click subtitle editor?

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I can do chi-eng subbing and editor. I could also attempt at segmenting if needed.

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Hi, before you start subbing for any of these dramas, please read the Subbing Guidelines in the Team Notes first and also ask me to join the team so I can add you to the Team List. :smiley: You can get to the Team Notes by going to the subtitle editor.

Awesome! I have contacted you, I heard from @Pelicancharm you are interested in helping with Painted Skin?


Why the page of Painted Skin can not be found?


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Hiya, I want to join a chinese- english subbing team; would probably do it part time.
How do I join teams?

In my case, it says is out of my region so I can’t watch it NOW. But thankfully, I had seen it a long time ago when I did Spanish subs on the drama. It’s a wonderful drama and I really hope you get to see it.
If anyone here knows any other info I hope they provide it for you.

PS. Isn’t it ironic, I did my volunteer work there and I can’t see it?

Hello, do you know anyone who will be willing to translate S C I 谜案集 for fans? Thank you


Hi, would you like to help sub S C I 谜案集?

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Hi !

I would like to help. Please let me know to ?

Thank you .

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Hi !

I want to help with subbing from Chinese to English , about 5 to 7 hours per week .
As I am new to this , can you put me with the right contact ?

Thank you !

Hi. Im looking for an english subber. I want to make a request of subbing my favorite chinese drama, can you help me?


Hi I can help subbing some of the Chinese. I understand maybe 60-80% Chinese, depending on the slang or accent or so. I would love to try and help, and would love to work with more subbers :slight_smile:

I would love to be apart of the Chinese to English subtitle community, if I am needed.

hi minnie, please message me on facebook so that, we could talk about it. Im so eager and excited to watch it now. I would really appreciate your help and you were a big help for me. thank you :slight_smile:

I can do CHI-ENG subbing and ENG-FR subbing

hi @galladriel_251 can i make a request of subbing The Destiny of White Snake 2018?

I hope “The destiny of the white snake 2018” will be avaible soon. I cant see any videos yet, i have appield to become part of the team _)

Hi, I’m interested in Chi-Eng subbing and would like to volunteer in subbing but I am new to subbing.

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