Chinese-English subbers, are you looking for a new C-drama or Tw-drama subbing project to join? Come join us! :D

I hope “The destiny of the white snake 2018” will be avaible soon. I cant see any videos yet, i have appield to become part of the team _)

Hi, I’m interested in Chi-Eng subbing and would like to volunteer in subbing but I am new to subbing.

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Hello, I’m new to this, but I would love to help in subbing! (am fluent in both Simplified Chinese and English)

Hi! Are you still looking for volunteers to subtitle chinese to english? Thanks!


Are you still looking for volunteers? Would be happy to help

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Hi, I think Channel for the drama Sm:)e they are looking for more English subbers and segmenters.


Here is the link

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The channel for the Chinese drama The Brightest Star In The Sky needs subbers and Segmenters.

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The channel for the Chinese Drama All I want for Love is You needs subbers and segmenters.

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I would love to be able to sub for you guys if possible. I can translate to English, Korean and Chinese if need be!

Thank you so much!


I would like to help translate from Chinese to English. Let me know if my help is needed!

Hi, I would like to help any c-drama with subtitling, I’m fluent in both mandarin and english and can write well, let me know if I’d be of any help :)))

I just need someone who can fill in the last needed % Hot-Blooded Youth.

Hi, I’m fluent in english and mandarin, will I be of any help in the last %?

If there are any projects that ever need an English to Chinese or Chinese to english translation please let me know!

i would love to help subtitling Chinese-English

I like to help with chinese-english.

Hi everyone, I’d like to help with Chinese-English/Indonesian translations. I’m fluent in all three (graduated as a Chinese major) and I’ve had training in translations at uni. I know I don’t have much experience in Viki but I’d love to help out if I can!

Hi! I can subtitle from English- Chinese or Chinese- English! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi! I can help out with Chinese to English translations! Let me know! Thanks!

Hi! I can help with Chinese to English translations and English translations editing. Thank you in advance for the opportunity.