[Chinese Rom-Com] "The Break-up Season": RECRUITING Subtitlers, Moderators, Page Designers, Segmenters, etcetera

Hello Everyone,

Viki has this new movie. It is Chinese and English hardsubbed. I am recruiting for every position.

Synopsis: Just like the changing of the seasons, there is a season for relationship break-ups. It’s right around college graduation time when new grads face the stressful pressures of trying to nail down a job but only see rejection everywhere. Li Chen (Gu Li Ya) is a music major who, with the help of her best friend, Gao Ya (Wei Yi), tries to help her boyfriend, Meng Li (Xu Ning), complete his music composition “The Sound of Nature.” But after graduation, Meng Li gives up on the project and decides to obey his parents’ wish to study overseas. Meanwhile, Gao Ya enjoys the company of the sweet Gu Ge (Ji Fei Long) but still fantasizes about her cheating ex, Cao Meng De (Zhang Xiao Jun). Can a meaningful relationship succeed in these uncertain times? “The Break-Up Season” is a 2014 Chinese film directed by Yao Yu.


Please PM me or reply here if you are interested.

Thank you.