Chinese translation help needed on a specific line. :)

Hi all!

I came across this line in a Chinese drama:

Can someone tell me what “爆掉” means in this context?

A quick search shows that “爆掉” usually means “messed up.” Just wanted to confirm it here.


Hello Michele!

You should PM other TEs, they might be able to help you!
I think they might need the context with the ep and the timing.

Normally, Choesook or Kakashi know some TEs who might be able to answer you, so you could ask them their contacts? :slight_smile:
(Here, I am not sure the people who will be able to answer you will be connected on this forum).

PS: Or send me your message and I’ll forward it to some TEs?

Ah! Thank you, Pi! I’ll ask for some TE help on my drama board first then. If I can’t get any confirmation, I’ll PM you! Thank you so much!

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:ok_woman:‍♀ Love you, Michele!
Sunshine might also be able to help you!

Good luck :hugs:

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Ah! I should PM Sunshine! Thank you so much for the help!

hugs Pi!

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