Choosing More And More Inactive Volunteers For CM

With Viki licensing a new drama everyday, need for more CMs has grown than ever.
But the dramas aren’t moving forward with any move with them along with less to almost no recruitment.

Viki recently licensed a drama yesterday, which was suddenly available to me, IDK if it was on coming soon page for other regions. The drama is now released and no step has been taken, except for some really really popular Languages who virtually contact the CM even before the CM is selected.

These dramas which are available under the recent released tabs have without a doubt inactive volunteers, which directly points to the fact that Viki can’t choose correct people.
You can go and check it out yourself (if you’re reading this) becuase it’s an even more vulnerable problem than inactive CMs for older projects.

I won’t be pointing out to any channel in particular but just looking at the page of a channel that has been released itself says the drama has no recruitment.

No matter how many times I report those inactive volunteers, Viki has no response for this. I reported a CM for a teen web drama three times in a day, for the sake that Viki will listen if I do so (I might have taken the wrong path for this) and after days, the channel does has a Co-CM, and guess what is more jaw breaking than selecting a new CM? The new CM is inactive as well and I suppose is not even experienced as a QC

With the recent controversy, I understand that viewers might not know, how Viki works but they aren’t ready to understand and as result, all these dramas has 7-8 stars.

I am completely aware that life calls at most unexpected times and we can’t do anything about it. But there should be a portal to tell Viki, I won’t be available at the time so and so drama airs, so that Viki can rethink about choosing another CM.


That angered me so many times

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And may I add the new CM’s who just sit there and wait for people to come to them? Who don’t have any kind of wall up for weeks, don’t recruit what so ever. I think Viki should keep an eye on the new CM’s to see how they handle the channel and if they are capable.

There are also new CM’s who do an amazing job but also a few of which I think Viki should have replaced that person.


It’ s the same with me, they say they will contact me when I made a report and they don’t do it.


Could be also that Viki is understaffed… not enough folks or folks not well trained or who knows what… I have 2 tickets open 1 is 2 months pending, the other 4 days.

Just remember Viki staff isn’t responding on the weekends. After my last ticket I received a standard email in French (while filling in English) saying that they operate Singapore time 9-6 pm, Mo-Fri. :joy:


I get those in Spanish and Portugese somehow from time to time… I wonder why.

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I got them in Spanish before as well… it makes no sense when you write in one language the email is in a different language… do they expect us to be multilingual :sweat_smile:

Also my community account page changes at times from English to Spanish and to French… must be because staffers with different language are reading them… but it makes no sense that the account then also changes… bugs are everywhere :joy:

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This happens because some users don’t know how to rate a product.

Rating should be exclusively about the shows’ quality, acting, directing, originality, plot lines etc. Rating shouldn’t be about the service provider.


I recently did get a response on a Saturday night. I had sent the message directly through VikiMail, though, not through a ticket.