Christian songs


awesome!! well I can;t put 1 word but that did sound awesome, will be hearing it later



I went to Christ Tabernacle many times, the one in Brooklyn. The one on Fulton street that is. But I got Baptized and my kids in the Queens Christ Tabernacle Church that I know they are affiliated. There was a wonderful singer that visit our church a lot but sadly, he passed away. He was still young in the late 40’s. I think his name was Kevin Hunt? I’m not sure of the first name, but the last name was Hunt.


I was asking myself if it’s the right topic to put this video, but since it was shot in the Cologne Cathedral and the singer has a background as a devout Christian, he was even living in a monastery for several years. So even though he uses popular songs, while listening to the music performed in the cathedral gives them a new sound, it’s worth giving the lyrics some more attention.


He’s more than welcome. :slight_smile:
The years in monastery sure had their effect, and he already grew up with Christian music:


oh my even though I’m a Gen Z kid, my parents have taught me to love the Homecoming Friends… it’s kinda like the stuff I listen to while feeling nostalgic!


Some Wednesday music for you:

A Rock’n’roll ballad by Stryper, a has-been favorite band from my teenage years.

“Shoulders” by For King and Country

A wonderful praise-song by Phil Wickham

“180”, by Jordan Feliz

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Let me share 5 songs I like:

This song is an original Dutch song. It translates to ‘Jesus Victorious’.

This is a cover of 'Victor’s crown by Darlene Zsech. I like ths live version a lot.

This is a cover of ‘Surrounded (Fight My Battles)’ by Michael W.Smith. The original song doesn’t have a rap, but there is one here.

I don’t understand Hindi, but this song makes me happy. The title translates to ‘Fullness of joy’

This is one of the first Chinese songs I heard.


do you know the story behind “all is well with my soul?”

Love to hear Michael Smith sing, really enjoy his music



Thank you for sharing this one here; they are very touching songs and message that gave me goosebumps all over. This is a powerful message to the whole world.


these are my favourites, (wish I could fit in every piece of Matthew West and Casting Crowns music here tho lol)

this one I could listen to over and over :slight_smile:

this one makes me cry every time…

her voice is just so unique…

for king and country never gets old :wink:


more to watch!! thanks

anyone ever hear the song All is well? anyone know the story behind it?



I enjoy watching and hearing these young men sing, theres more songs that are really funny too, but this one I really hope you do listen, Irish prayer


people please excuse, I didn’t realize Dottie said all that she said before the song

Dotty Rambo love it


This song is pretty popular in some groups rn(right now). I personally love it.


What a beautiful song! :slight_smile:


You might like this song.


Vinesong - The Cross of Christ