Chrome for LG Smart TV

Am I correct in assuming that because I have an LG Smart TV (less than a year old), that I will now have to purchase Chromecast as well because my browser will now no longer let me watch Viki?

Not happy. :o(

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LGs have an in-built internet browser which doesn’t support most online video formats.

I have Chromecast with mine. The device is super cheap, doesn’t have a subscription and is very reliable. You can pair to it from your mobile/pad, as well. I love it.

Viki decided not to focus developing apps for TVs since it required too many resources. Each TV brand has it’s own way of functioning, apparently.

So, they continued developing only the apps for “TV boxes”, Hulu, Apple TV…

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The supported devices list:

(This one seems old:)

Other users also pinpointed it:

  • I’d recommend not to count on the TV or the TV brand, but on the box or accessories to be able to watch on Viki or Netflix. The most important is the box. I’d recommend one under Android.

  • I had a box working under Android and had Chromecast built in the box. I installed Viki and Netflix TV apps and could chromecast my PC. Even if I changed TV, the box was still working, so were the apps and chromecasting.

  • Recently changed to a newest box which is not under Android, they only built apps for Netflix (the button on the remote) and YouTube, so I don’t have Viki TV app anymore and the cast only works for a selection: YouTube mainly.

  • The offer on TV depends on the box providers in your country: how they built their boxes (under Android or no, built-in apps) and partnerships.
    The trend in my country is selling box packages with Netflix offer: internet, fixed phone line, TV channels and programs like Netflix included in the monthly fee. The newest offers have intelligent house programs: Alexa, Philips Hue, alarms…

  • You can always use a cable to connect your computer to your TV, no bug and it’s not expensive.
    Chromecast is good if you have a good internet connection, otherwise it lags.

PS: new streaming platforms coming in 2020 (Disney+, HBO max, Apple +), might take them into account to buy a device. Sth that could be updated or flexible.

Next: could end with 5 different subscriptions and no time to enjoy fully each library. Too many choices and no choice.

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I have Roku stick and Amazon Fire sticks which have viki apps. A 2019 Samsung smarttv does not have a viki app but it has an internet browser through which I can log into viki and watch and the smarttv also has a webcasting app. Each of the roku stick and Amazon fire sticks were very cheap so I find it very convenient rather than web casting. Roku stick also had a convenient adapter so I didn’t have to plug into electric outlet – it draws power from the television itself


I use Amazon Fire TV too and I like. It doesn’t have all the functons as the website, but just to watch is nice,. It needs a power plug but comes with remote control which to me is very wonderfull.

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My sharp tv is not even a year and doesnt let me watch viki per browser. It always says my browser is to old :tired_face::sob::rage:

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I just plug my laptop to the TV through the HD cable. :grinning::sweat_smile:

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I dont want the canle gontroigh the whole room

I put the laptop right below the TV. Although I don’t do it, you can control the laptop using a bluetooth mouse or keyboard. I just turn the episode on and run quickly to the couch. :smiley:

I bought a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to use with the tv browser. Also the cheap fire stick is voice activated so I just have to say the name of my viki channel and the fire device finds it! It sure beats choosing one letter at a time and clicking. How could you go wrong for $29.99 (this week’s special)

I can recall the only TV brand that supports Viki app is Roku TV. Buying Chromecast is not that bad because one time purchase means lifetime purchase.

I’ve got the Nebula Capsule Max with is an Android device. Viki shows up as an available app for the Capsule Max. I install it, log in and all my videos are there. The problem is when I go to watch one I get the message, “sorry the video is not available either in your location or on this device.”

Are there any other projector users here? Anyone get it to work? I tried using Firefox but it tells me I have to use the app. Screen mirroring is choppy at best. I’m having to use my Chromecast to watch it. It’s very frustrating!!


I just got this response from the manufacturer of my projector. The APK link they sent works and I can now watch Viki on my projector again. Not sure if it will work for other Android users but worth a shot!

Dear Courtney Burkett,

Thanks for contacting us to bring the issue to our attention.

For the Viki app, we apologize for the inconvenient experience brought you in this case. As we just double-tested, the version in Nebula Manager seems too old now. We tried the following apk version and it seems to work fine with no errors.

Could you please uninstall the version you’ve installed from the Nebula Manager and download the above version to your USB drive and then install to the Capsule Max to see how it works?

We shall replace the version in our Nebula Manager app store soon. Looking forward to your reply.


Nebula Customer Support Engineer