[Closed] Can I earn by only subtitling in Viki?

I want to ask that can i earn through Viki?

You are looking for a paid job at Viki? Is that your question?
Then you need to look here.
Subtitling is done by volunteers.
You can find more answers here.

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If you’re asking about volunteering (subtitling or segmenting), the answer is no but yes.

Volunteers get a Viki Pass if they contribute more than 500 subs/segs in 6 months and the Viki Pass gets renewed every month.
Think about it this way, you earn a certain amount every month and you use your entire salary in buying a Viki Pass. This certain amount is $4.99 with an exception of people living in the Americas where this certain amount is $9.99 per month.

To sum it up, you do get paid but in the form of a Viki Pass. :yum:


If you mean earn contributions towards QC status you can also do so by helping out as a General Editor also by segmenting (for segmenting however most channel managers require NSSA Graduates) To apply for segmenting school the link is here…

Hope this helps.

Tamera (newest Grad of Nssa I think LOL)

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Eggjaktly :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Something like yesn’t


¿Cuándo empezará la academia este año?

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There is a waiting list (3 to 6 months), so you just start when it’s your turn.

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Gracias. Estaré en espera.



Hay una lista de espera de 3 a 6 meses. Si ya te apuntaste para ser entrenada deberás esperar que te toque tu turno. Debes pasar por varias etapas antes de graduarte y espero mientras te asesores con videos que te ayudarán a entender el proceso que debes completar.

Los videos son en inglés espero los entiendas y te ayuden. ¡Suerte!


See also:

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Thanks a lot dear!

Gracias. Espero que me ayuden.

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Tienes que aplicar y ponerte en lista de espera, por favor. Si quieres que te ayuden tienes que comunicarte con ellos.

PS. Hay gente ahí que hablan español: si prefieres alguien que hable español comunícale eso a ellos. Suerte