[CLOSED] Looking for an English → Greek Translator

Hello everyone,

  • Can you read and understand English? :open_book:
  • Can you write in Greek? :greece:
  • Have you ever tried subtitling? :writing_hand:

Maybe this adventure might appeal to you. I’m presently re-editing a drama that wasn’t completed. And right now, I’m looking for a linguist who can translate English subtitles into Greek ones. Here is the drama :film_projector:

Have a quick look :eyes: and see what you think. It’s six episodes long and each episode is around 20 minutes.The English is mostly straightforward and the subtitling is not complex.

If you are interested :thinking: , please message me! I promise comfortable and relaxed working conditions :beach_umbrella:

Best regards :slight_smile:

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Thank you to those who replied. I appreciated it.

The position is now filled.