[Closed] Viki Binge Challenge

I love this idea. Whoever came up with this one, thanks a lot.

For the first time (I suppose), we can earn badges by binge watching and not by contributing? :grin::star_struck:

Viki Binge Challenge – Help Center

Just one question. What if 2 or more people watch all the episodes of all the mentioned shows and and get into Top 10, will they be placed at the same position or will there be some order? (For example, username in alphabetical order)


Thank you for the post. I just found it out. :smile:
Fan of the new badges!


That would start 4 am my time - no thanks.

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I thought we were in the same timezone, but for me it would start at 6 am … :thinking:

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Isn’t it 7 hours time difference?

You might be right … :thinking:
Some time converter told me it was 6 am for me.
And now looking into it, I just discovered that there are 2 time zones called PST: Pacific Standard Time and Philippine Standard Time.
And then the fact that not all countries have Daylight Saving Time anymore (or they do but at different periods) makes it even more confusing.

Hour, not on the Northern Hemisphere in Winter.

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I meant that our time changes during the year, but that nowadays more and more countries have the same time all year. So time difference changes too. Part of the year we have 7 hour difference with Korea, and the other part 8 hours.

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you´ve got time till the 21. so you can get it.

Feb. 3 - Feb. 21 PST it says


So it was last night.

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The binge challenge is not a watch party, so there is no fixed time. You can watch at your own preferred pace and time, as long as it is between Feb 3 - 21 PST. :slightly_smiling_face:

Though you can definitely create watch parties to watch them together with other community members! :raised_hands:


Maybe we mixed it up since in Europe you are used to writing the times of the hour 21, so it would stand for 9 pm and PST written behind it might have caused the misunderstanding. I guess that it was a little late at hour side didn’t help either. Writing in Germany would be like this 3.-21. Februar and then a time slot if there is.
Anyway … don’t think I will make it. Maybe I will try out Mr. Queen since it is about to end …

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I guess it is about the date line - from time zone PST starting at O am - LOL do you even say that 3rd Feb until 21st Feb 12 pm.


It’s when Feb 21st ends in Pacific Standard Time…that’s 11:59 pm PST on Feb 21st

also wow the fact that three out of four are high school idol dramas I can’t stand :sob: guess I’ll just watch Mr. Queen
the idea is good but what’s up with the selectionnn


I don’t know about all of you, but as a huge k-pop fan I need to keep calculating in KST and I have other stuff that use PST for end-of-an-event times.
So I don’t see why they have to specify the exact time when all they are saying is “This even ends on Feb 21st in the PST time zone.” with exact times, there are always people confusing am and pm and other tiny problems like that :sweat_smile:

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The “continue watching” tab isn’t accurate and keeps lagging behind. I know that this is a problem due to the traffic on the site, but will this affect the challenge? For example, the continue watching tab says I stay at an episode I already watched :thinking:


I also read it as 21:00 -> pacific standard time.
It’s nice to know that we actually have two and a half weeks to watch the episodes. :slight_smile:

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This is a very well kept secret. Shouldn’t an announcement go out in another form to let everyone know? Maybe a PM to everyone? I would have never known about this except someone happened to see it here on discussions and asked me about it.


Is the challenge for all the episodes for those shows? or just the episodes indicated?

@jeslynl I signed up using the form but how does Viki know it’s me? I didn’t have to give a username whatsoever.