CM help

Hey guys! So I was recently given a channel, School 2017. This is my first show I’ve been given after the new protocols.
However, there are comments on the page before I was given the channel asking to be certain positions. But then I directly received emails about those positions as well.

I’m just curious as to what other CM’s decided to do.



Hi I´m Daniela I sent you a PM yesterday or sunday for Spanish moderator position.I hope that you take me in consideration.

You can add people you like to add. In any way you should consider the “quality” of work; which you can verify for your own language, for others, you have to put trust into those people who apply. I myself would ask them some questions as how good they know their language and so on.

I have never been CM before but I am in touch with several people and heard a lot about problems in the past^^ So I made my own opinion.


Hi! I’d like to be the Italian Moderator of this Drama, if you don’t have any, yet. ^^

When I got my channel I posted in the comment section to PM me as well. I did take the comments in consideration but I noticed some people posted an application on every channel and I wanted to weed out people who simply asked for a position in a second and then forget all about it or how to say.

For some positions I decided to take a longer time to decide who to pick. Most of the times I gave the position to the first person who asked, sometimes it was based on how much experience they have or what kind of experience I have with them.


Thanks for answering Dudie!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I received one from the last batch of channels given out. Yes, some did post their wishes to be hired there.

Here’s how I see it. I…am going to read the PM’s I get. I’m going to look at the style of drama, how hard I think it’s going to be, and yeah, I may or may not hire whoever PM’s me. I am not hiring the first UNLESS they are also …the best. With some dramas, it’s more critical than others - but as far as moderators in particular, I really want the drama completed. I want experienced - and I want people not buried. If someone has a zillion pending mod jobs and has a bunch underway - and has low to no sub counts on them -I see that as a point that they are NOT editing the work of that Team or helping them.

Some are running about wanting it all. Some are more selective about what they apply for.

The attempt to pressure someone into accepting you as a moderator by posting on a page is not useful. People should stop doing this.

And as I’ve said before, if you do good work…people can come looking for you also. Don’t be afraid to ask someone who does work you admire to work with you. They may say Yes. :).

So the bottom line is this: No, you are not forced to hire them - after all, crafting a Team who will all work together and respect each other is a considerable task. The CM has the first task of building the structure - the mods, the editors, and segmenting chief - who will all get along and are committed to the larger task of COMPLETING THE PROJECT.

Good luck with your channel, and hope you get a license. :slight_smile: K drama has fewer Fan Channels given out your odds appear to be much higher for your success. :slight_smile: