CMs and Moderators Looking for Subbers - Projects Available

Let’s have one place to post the dramas/movies that we need volunteers for. There are so many messages going back and forth that they get lost in the shuffle.

Post the project you have available and what subbing language you are looking for.


I’ll get it started.

I’m looking for Korean to English subbers for the following two dramas:

Please send a me a PM at:

Thank you!

I’m looking for moderators and subbers of various languages for Love & Secret.

Contact me at

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Looking for language moderators (except Spanish) for the Korean movie “The Servant.”

If you are interested, please send me a PM.


I’m looking for Chinese to English subbers for the drama Cupid Above starring Dennis Oh. If Interested please let me know.

Now recruiting for K-Pop Star Season 5! Need to fill many roles.

Looking for language moderators for Gap Dong & Hong Gil Dong.

I’m looking for a design for Hong Gil Dong too ^^

Looking for language moderators for drama special (4 episodes) “Ordinary Love” with Yeon Woo Jin. We need all languages moderators except Spanish. Thanks.

Send me a PM.

Thank you,