Community Discussions & Communications Guidelines

Hello Viki Community!

Thank you for the warm welcome to the [new and improved Community Team] ( Now that we’re back at fully capacity, we’re ready to serve you even better and faster!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been analyzing the multiple communication channels used within the community. In an effort to streamline how you reach out to us and to better attend to your needs, we’ve created a new set of Community Communication Guidelines.

As you know, there are 3 main communication channels – (1) Discussions, (2) Help Center and (3) Private Messages (PMs). Below, you will find our guide for what kind of messages/requests should go to which communication channel. We hope that with this new communication process, your requests land in the right place with the right person, and therefore processed more efficiently.

(1) Discussions

We know that Discussions is an important space for channel recruiting, chatting about shows, helping each other troubleshoot and so much more.

Please find below the updated Discussions Guidelines:

Treat others on Viki as you would want to be treated. Keeping true to our motto of breaking down language and cultural barriers, please treat everyone with respect. The purpose of Discussions is to be an open, welcoming space for all users to engage. To keep the Discussions a positive community space, please review the guidelines below.

Ignoring any of these guidelines may result in being banned from or participating on Viki and/or Viki Discussions, or the removal of your Discussions post. Viki does not support any of the following.

  • Personal attacks, insults, trolling, bullying, harassment, or threats
  • Discriminatory, hateful, or derogatory statements about race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, nationality, etc.
  • Advertising, spamming, or soliciting of outside services or websites, including softsubs
  • Sexually explicit, extremely violent or disturbing content, including text, videos, or photos
  • Adding spoilers to any area of the site, unless you have explicitly warned that a spoiler is coming
  • Posting or uploading illegal content of any kind
  • Collecting or asking for passwords
  • Downloading copyrighted materials, or making them available for download
  • Impersonating Viki staff, or otherwise falsely claiming to work for Viki
  • Falsely reporting users for abuse

If you ever feel that someone is not following these guidelines, [please contact Viki Staff] (

Respect the community space. Viki Discussions is a public community forum that is meant to be a friendly, fun and welcoming space for everyone. Constructive criticism contributes to the conversation. Bashing Viki and its partners, and forming conspiracy theories does not.

Search for duplicate topics before posting. Before creating a new topic, check to see if it has already been created. This way, you won’t miss out on an already engaged conversation! Or, if it’s bug-related, the solution may already be posted somewhere else.

Do not post personal information. This includes your own and other users’ personal information. To avoid other parties being hurt, do not post Private Messages (PMs) or other forms of correspondence between you and other users and/or Viki staff.

Do not post show licensing information. Due to legal agreements with content providers, it is prohibited to post information related to licensing. Posting such information may result in immediate deletion of the Discussion post in its entirety.

Finally, a friendly reminder that the [Viki Community Guidelines] ( also apply in the Discussions.

(2) Help Center

To contact Viki Staff, [submit a request] ( to the Help Center. Through the Help Center, Viki staff can better track and follow up on requests!

The following items should be sent to the Help Center and not posted on Discussions:

  • QC Certificates
  • Similar to QC Certificates, anything that requires an attachment
  • Request to add a user as a Channel Team member
  • Badge requests
  • Channel-specific requests, such as removing extra segments
  • Locking or unlocking Channels
  • User-specific bugs or technical issues / account issues (Issues that are case-specific to a user, and do not affect multiple users) *Note: Viki staff may sometimes redirect user-specific bugs or issues from Discussions to the Help Center. This will allow Viki staff to better track and attend to these issues.
  • Comments, feedback, suggestions and ideas (This will allow us to better track your ideas and prioritize them)

(3) Private Message (PM)

We have allocated some of our most popular content among the Community Team. Please reach out to the following Community Team members specifically for:

Additionally, the following items are recommended to be sent via PM:

  • Licensing-related items
  • Miscellaneous inquiries

Should you have any questions, please feel free to write in to the Help Center.

Thank you!

Viki Community Team