Introducing the New Community Team

Hi Viki Community,

I’m Camille, your newest Community Manager here at Viki!

I remember watching Korean dramas on Viki back in the early 2000s. To come back to Viki now and see how much it’s grown, is truly astounding. Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be part of the #VikiFam, as well as become more aware of your concerns.

To meet the community’s ever-evolving needs, the Viki Community Team has needed to grow as well. Thus, we’re happy to announce that our team has grown to four members! I’m excited to be a part of the team with @anaheli, @kris_o and @jimmy_l! We thank you for your patience. With our new team, we aim to serve you better and faster.

We are currently reviewing the community guidelines and communication channels. Over the next few weeks, we will be working on refining communications to improve your user experience.

Please stay tuned for more updates!

Viki Community Team


Welcome Camille and welcome to the new community team!

Nice to meet the new team!
Wishing good luck to the new community team and thank you for being willing to help us.
Hope that we won’t give you many headaches with our accidental bug reports and that we will encourage your efforts for a better communication and collaboration with us, volunteers, so we can make Viki more enjoyable for everyone.
I hope in my case that I won’t be like viewers who will turn aggressive if they don’t have their subtitles because I know how it can make people feel, but instead, I hope I can show some support in your work to help us because I know how much it’s better to strive in this sense and how much the results are better (experience from viewers/volunteers relationship).

PS: Now that I think of it, the Viki Community Team members, in general, are also fans of dramas like us :slight_smile:
It’s quite specialized to want to work in this field, so we don’t arrive here and work here randomly if we didn’t have some past with dramas or if we didn’t/don’t have an interest in the drama sphere or entertainment or the Viki concept. Same for volunteers: viewers yesterday, volunteers today :slight_smile:


Dear Camille,
welcome from me too.
I know that you’ve probably been reading the latest discussions to have a general feel of what are the hot issues right now, and I understand that there’s such a lot of posts that it can be overwhelming, also considering the fact that many of them are now outdated, about things long addressed.

Since you’re reviewing the community guidelines, I’d like to draw your attention to two posts of mine, with questions about those community guidelines, the rules and suggestions to make them better.
Here is a post about some part of the guidelines which is not clearly worded and might profit from some editing/clarification:

And here about adding something to the moderator rules

While we are at it, an issue which hasn’t been addressed yet is that of reviews. Many of us have suggested that reviews are disabled for shows that haven’t finished airing. There is an interesting discussion, started by @simi11, here:
On December 2016 viki was “doing something” about it, but in fact, more than 6 months later, there hasn’t been any change. Yes, it’s not top priority, but still…

And, while you’re at it, if there are more of you, maybe one can fill up the info for all these fine actors whose biography and/or picture is missing.

Hi and welcome Camille!

Good luck for you and good luck for the new community team. And I really appreciate the thought of a faster and better colloboration :wink: :relaxed:

Maybe you could take a look at some important topics, many Volunteers are concerned about?

The new channel approval system - After the first batch of new channels has been launched I’m missing the “next months batch” for June. Time is running, we nearly have July. It would be great, if you could give us an update, what will happen next.

Depending on the channel system - what is going on with the licenses? Right now, Viki has the license for 1 upcoming k-drama and 1 upcoming c-drama for July. Can we hope for more?
Can we hope for japanese dramas as well? Maybe some thai dramas? It would be great, if Viki would clear up this topic just once. Whenever I’ve asked Viki about japanese and thai dramas, I’ve got the reply, “we are working on this issue, we will come back with some news”.

The review and rating system has already be mentioned, so I don’t need to repeat this topic. :relaxed:

And a minor topic: if a channel was approved, Viki usually deleted all “leftover” channels. And if Viki forgot to delete them, the CM could delete him/herself from the team, so the channel didn’t exist anymore. Since the launch of the new channel system, most of those “leftover” channels still exist and the CMs can’t delete themselves anymore. It would be great, if Viki could finally delete all those channels, because this would slim down our own pages and make them less confusing. This concerns not only CMs but moderators as well, who have many unnecessary moderator projects on their sites,

Thank you for reading and in advance for your reply! :wink: