Community Notifications, a nuisance!

I don’t know if this was already mentioned…

Am I the only one a bit annoyed with these? Lately, when I wake up in the morning, have my mug(s) of coffee, turn on my computer, open Viki, and find 30 messages in my inbox. From 20-30 a day… and 3/4ths of them are COMMUNITY NOTIFICATIONS!

I know that they are well and good and provide something to someone in Vikiland, but for me… I don’t care when this or that drama’s videos were loaded into Viki. I only care when it’s time for my editing team to begin. So these “helpful” reminders are just a waste in my inbox. I spend a good few minutes wasting time deleting these out. And, sadly, I have accidentally deleted a few messages from someone who asked me a general or important question because I’m in “delete” mode.

There has GOT TO BE another way around this. I don’t think the ENTIRE team needs to know when a video is being added, OR we should be given a choice to have them sent to our inbox. To me, this is just another form of “spam”.


Yes, I saw people complaining about it. Maybe We should file a ticket for a better inbox system. It is too archaic :rofl:


So far, I’m only getting them for 1 show, but in that specific case, it’s completely useless since it tells us the segmenters can start at least 15 hours before they are really allowed to start.


They should make these notifications customisable. If one doesn’t want to receive them for that project, they should have the possibility to turn them off.


I think it’s a good option for seggers but it’s just a hassle for editors…

Either make an option where we can turn them off for certain shows or make the notification disappear after 24 hours. It’s annoying to have to delete them all, and it does feel like spam sometimes. Or put it in a popup, instead of sending it to the inbox. Or make a filter so we can filter out community notifications.

It all boils down to the sad state of the Viki inbox. It needs a revamp.


Don’t you need to just turn notifications off? :thinking::orangutan:
Screenshot_20220508-020640_Chrome Screenshot_20220508-020659_Chrome


Those are newsletter notifications. This is the Viki Inbox we’re talking about. We need notifications for the messages we get apart from the community notifications


Sweetie, I’m talking about the Viki inbox at the website, not email notifications. My email notifications are actually turned off as a matter of fact.

The community notifications are sent via the message inbox for the drama you are a volunteer of. Since I’m on many dramas, especially Chinese dramas, and my Chinese dramas can have 2-4 dramas that release a day. If I’m on 5 dramas that release 4 a day, that’s already 20 spam messages. Then we can’t forget the Korean dramas and Japanese dramas I’m a part of… It blows my inbox up!


and while you guys are at it please remind them to give us an option to delete multiple messages at once, it is a pain to delete one by one. :sob::sob:


I did a search, and found these many threads, and post, about the above,

@vikicommunity, can these issues be addressed, and really, really solved this time? @amyk, @giant_sean, @amm11, @fsl_viki

I hope this info below helps!

@vikicommunity, @amyk, @giant_sean, @amm11, @fsl_viki,
This needs attention too! :wink::+1:t5: Thanks!!