CONFESS YOUR LOVE - Best Drama Confessions ๐Ÿ’œ


Last Night on Long BALLAD - In like Eps 42

  • The BEST Confession between the two 2nd Main Leads (who are my favorite) happened! It was beautiful!

:boom: Give me all your best confessions from kdrama, cdrama, tdrama and jdrama that just touches all the FEELS

Give me photos - gifs - videos - explanations! Whatever you want!


One of my other ALL time favorites is the confession in I Am Not A Robot!

I cried and cried just like with Long Ballad!


Oh my, itโ€™s REALLY hard to trump THAT confession!! :heart::heart: it was sooooo good, I cried like a baby but my heart felt SO warm! Best drama ever.


I Am Not a Robot is another one high on my list to re-watch now that I have a pass! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know you probably donโ€™t wanna watch 40 eps for a confession but Long Ballad - pretty darn good!!! :wink:


The Proposal in My Love From the Stars
Coffee Prince
12:07 in is the kiss and confession! Why is this so hard to find!
โ€œI like you. Whether youโ€™re a man or an alien, I donโ€™t care anymore.โ€


Her Private Life - THAT kiss from Kim Jae Wook and the confession from Park Min Young!!!


This moment isnโ€™t exactly the โ€˜confessionโ€™ moment, but it is at least a moment that marks a change in their relationship. One of my favorite moments:


I was waiting for one of you to post that one!!!


This wasnโ€™t the exact confession but the sweetest time of sharing that he loved her! Aw, I cry


I kind of loved that there wasnโ€™t really a big confession scene in that one. They just kind of fell together naturally. And that is such a tender moment. I love it.


There are so many and I think theyโ€™re all beautiful.

Hospital Playlist season 1

A Love So Beautiful - Itโ€™s the first episode.

You Are My Glory - (He rejected her before)


I have not seen ANY of these so I look forward to watching them!!!


Healer, does a first kiss count as a confession?

This one isnโ€™t a confession, itโ€™s a proposal, but itโ€™s beautiful. The Girl Who Sees Smells


The most complicated love-story was between Ik-Joon and Song- Hwa in Hospital Playlist (1/2).
They had been friends (better say they were soulmates).

They had the most beautiful and romantic relationship ever I suppose.


Touch Your Hart - the best slow-burn rom-com Iโ€™ve ever watched. The burn was slow, but the burn was GOOD. Both characters were ADORABLE, and every touch, every glance, every word, every little step they took toward each other made my heart flutter.

I usually hate drunk scenes but this was THE best drunk confession ever :joy:

And then the way he confesses BACK :sob::sob::sob: I love these two!

actual thing starts at around 2:30 but the build-up is adorably hilarious so I couldnโ€™t bring myself to drop a marker :sweat_smile:


I think lots of times a 1st kiss is a confession!!!:purple_heart:


Adding to the Hospital Playlist list :laughing:

Spoiler for season 2 :wink:


Most of the drama might have been a mess, but I LOVED that proposal!! :heart_eyes: He was sooooo excited he didnโ€™t care what anyone would think of him jumping around spraying perfume on a bridge! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And the one from Oh My Venus - he literally knitted the ring into the scarf! Canโ€™t find any videos :tired_face:


Oh yes that one is so good!!! Must add


Best confession ever. I have to think about it and Iโ€™ll post some later.