CONFESS YOUR LOVE - Best Drama Confessions πŸ’œ


awwwww Episode 10 was such a fluffy one! Watched it so many times I can recite their lines with them :joy: They had my heart fluttering from start to end


I love this one lol


Who Rules The World Episode 22 :heart_eyes:


Ok, I’m here with a brand new list:

Adult trainee

Fall in love
I loved when he realizes that she likes him. Of course, his side-kick is hilarious lol

Mad for each other

My Holo Love

The day of becoming you
I really love this one

The oath of love


The video TITLES LMAO β€œi kissed my bossy marshal under the stars” i am so done cdrama clickbait is just HILARIOUS :joy::joy:


I can’t seem to find a clip, but β€˜Why Women Love’ have some great confession scenes (yes, more than one), but especially the ML’s dramatic confession in episode 12. It was really sweet and touching. I love the things he chose to say. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


The titles are so bad, I have found some titles that are even annoying


No kidding. For example, while looking for clips for the drama I just mentioned above, I saw a title for a clip that said the ML forced a kiss on the FL. Um, it was a mutual kiss following one of their confessions. How in the world would that be considered β€˜forced’? It actually made me really angry to read that. How misleading.


Exactly, that kind of title is so annoying


Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 22
Such a beautiful confession in public :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: