CONFESS YOUR LOVE - Best Drama Confessions 💜


He rejected her before but he made up for it :heart_eyes:


In Falling Into Your Smile fl was saying how the e-sport men were all the same. That they weren’t to be trusted because they lie and cheat.

So ml says, well there’s still a good e-sport player amongst them…

FL: who?
ML: Me. Do you want to have a try?

FL brushes his comment off as him teasing her since she’s use to it.

But later, ml confesses again. This time he aggressively says, “you have 2 hours to tell me your answer.”

FL: Why?
ML: because I want to know if I’ll have a good night’s sleep or not.


2 hrs go by and ml shows up with a cat and he says, if you reject me I’m taking the cat back. Hahahah

FL runs up to him and hugs him with the cat in ml’s jacket.

It’s a scene you’ll have to watch in order to understand the significance of the cat and why it’s so cute how he confesses. His character is kind of tsundere. :smile:


I loved this confession!


The perfect balance between fun, lovely and hot confession. I loved it!


Yes indeed! They’re so cute. I like confessions that are direct and not over the top.


okay the best confession or i don’t even know if this is called confession but in love o2o drama the way he just says “since when aren’t we in that kinda of relationship”.


A Love so Beautiful
The drunk confession from Jiang Chen in Episode 22 when he explains why he can’t forget Xiao Xi.

I’m not the same as you guys. […] Everyone will leave me anyway. But Xiao Xi is different.
I think I can’t live without her.


Coffee Prince was so well done. It was the most emotionally engaging confession I have seen so far. The confession in’ Wish You’ was beautiful as well but CP made me cry.


I have a love/hate situation for LOVE O2O
It was one of my fav. cdrama but I can’t watch it without thinking of ZS scandal. Pity because it was my comfort drama.

The confession was indeed very cute. I think the game confession could be considered real too since Xiao Nai fell in love at first sight and then went to find her in the game to marry her lol


I can’t watch this - the kiss scenes are so horrible - he is just going for it and she is like a dead fish! I wish I could like it.


Ppl will either really love it or really dislike it. No in between. :rofl:


I love this one, because he was the cold type and I love how everything comes up


I remember this and ir was hard to watch lol
And the guy actually can kiss without any feedback it’s impressive!!


I loved it the first time but on the second watching I started to see the flaws. The FL is supposed to be shy but she’s too passive. Sometimes you can’t see her love for Yang Yang. :expressionless:




I loved Yoo In Na’s character. :heart: She was so cute and funny in this drama.


Is this the drunk confession - she is so cute


she was soooooo cute… and he was the PERFECT adorably awkward tsundere ML. One of my favorite office dramas and OTPs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



HEY @vivi_1485


I completely understand this, this was probably my first Cdrama and I watched it a few times, I loved it, but I just haven’t been able to watch it since.