Contacting CMs for older dramas

They don’t mean active on the drama. Just active in general. Although it does look somewhat bad that there is an active moderator that has abandoned the drama long enough for newbies to see it as an opportunity.


Glad if it helps :slight_smile:

People often forget to add the language and I don’t have the time to ask back. Sometimes you get for several dramas the same message without language from the same user. They don’t even look for a moderator in their language.

If you can see, that the CM is active on Viki, you should at least wait 3-4 days and ask again. Sometimes CMs get many messages and don’t have the time to answer every single one right now.

For inactive CMs you should wait a bit longer, 1 week or 2 at least.

Please don’t forget, that sometimes newbies jump on every clip or teaser, which is not yet translated. As a CM I often get requests for other languages and people think, they could translate the whole drama, although only a few clips are not yet translated in their language.

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2 weeks ago I got a whole list of finder requests from one person requesting to sub every teaser, clip, preview in Spanish. I had a feeling this user looked at all my CM projects and then went to the volunteer finder to look for them?! Why not go the the channels instead and contact the Spanish mod?!

Well, motivation is important for this kind of work. If you yourself can’t find motivation to finish a project as a Moderator, you should at least be available to guide newbies to do it. Most Moderators with unfinished projects are happy to hear someone wants to contribute on that particular project which has been giving them grief.

Also, for example, I have some old projects as side/secondary projects when I’m fed up with my primary projects. Since I can’t stand translating only one drama at a time. So, then it might seem to someone I’ve been slacking for 7 years since the drama was first published. But, in fact, I started it, for example, one year ago.

There are indeed lots and lots of different examples of why a project might be standing unfinished.

Maybe they don’t know how the system works. Maybe they love, love, love a few popular projects so much that they want to translate every single line in every single teaser, trailer and BTS. Latinos are passionate folks.

But, again, the Volunteer Finder shouldn’t have CMs contact if that target language has a Mod.


@bozoli. You’re right. This happened to me almost one month ago. There was a drama for which I was a subber and then the moderator and all the other subbers abandoned it and I kept subbing it all by myself until I got really sick of it (I did about 6400 subs in it), I then requested to be a moderator so I can recruit other people and the CM let me do that, funnily enough, none of the people I’ve recruited lasted longer than 4 parts, so I had to continue, AGAIN, by myself. Then I met a very nice newbie in the “Want to subtitle? Let people know!” thread, and I was thrilled to find someone to take that burden off me.So I can understand that laziness isn’t always the cause behind it. She finished the remaining episodes (8 episodes, 30 mins each) in about 9 days. I was very grateful.
I feel like my post is rather irrelevant but your post reminded me of it and I just sort of automatically started typing. :smile:


I don’t think your post is irrelevant at all :blush: I think it’s important we talk about this and have patience and understanding for each other.


Your post was necessary because otherwise I didn’t get the point that she meant active on VIKI but not on a specific drama. In the end bozoli and me thought more or less the same but used different approach so it appeared as if we had an opposite opinion in general.

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Hi! I’m the Swedish moderator for “Iljimae team”. You’re welcome to join us in finishing up the Swedish subs for Iljimae if you’d like! @leirii

@heliolzz That would be nice I’ll send you a PM! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is exactly why I have been asking Viki to put some useful info on each user’s project page. Columns, filters, whatever.

  • Date in which the person took the moderation
  • Date first uploaded on Viki
  • Date first started work
  • Date last accessed
  • Percentage English done
  • Percentage moderating language done
    and of course
  • Licensed - not licensed.

Because if I go to your oroject page and I see, for instance, a project that has come to Viki 7 years ago, you are the moderator and there are 5% subs in your language, I may be excused for thinking that you’re lazy. When in reality, maybe there was another moderator before you, that moderator was lazy or disappeared or whatever, and you have been given the moderation only a month ago. Or maybe this drama has been a fan channel without a license forever, and it just got the license yesterday.
The way the page is now, there is no way of knowing those important details.

Real-life example. On the fall of 2018, I was made Italian moderator of 100 Days My Prince and Chief English Editor of My Mister. Those two dramas didn’t get the license at that time. They got it only a year later, this fall, and one started this November, the other start of December. Now, if in the middle of December someone looked at my project page, they would see few subs for those. The dramas had a channel since last year, and I had the position since last year. So they might think that I have waited for a full year and produced only a few subs!

This said, I think that if one takes an older drama, they should finish it within one year. Maximum two years. Otherwise give it to somebody else. Seriously.


When I take over old channels, I leave the name of the old manager on the cover page and note that I have taken over to take care of maintenance and trouble-shooting and to add additional languages as I fully recognize that the prior channel manager was successful in completing the project in multiple languages – but the manager is no longer at viki (For examples see My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, Obstetrics and Gynecology).

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Actually, there’s one big benefit regardless whether the licence expires: the subbing and segmenting work done on the show still counts toward your contribution(so that you can get QC status)