Contribution tracker is frozen :(

Hello friends!

Long time no see. I was looking to finish up my subbing requirements for this round (very last minute, I know) and I noticed that the contribution tracker is completely frozen :frowning: I’ve got at least 100 subs done today but my profile isn’t updating at all.

Will my QC status still be renewed if I complete my 500 subs? Or will none of today’s contributions count?

Thanks in advance!


Have you tried logging off and back on again?

It should still be tracked on Viki’s side. Maybe there’s a glitch temporarily.


Thank you for the suggestion. I tried logging back in and refreshing the page but that didn’t do the trick.

I guess I’ll just manually keep track of my subs and pray for the best. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Take screenshots of your uncounted work and send in a ticket to the help desk if it doesn’t show up by tomorrow. Hope things work out for you.


Maybe it’s a temporary thing!
In any case, you can send an email to get support with the help of viki!

This is the page:

Select, problem with the contribution platform, put a screenshot if you think it’s necessary, and wait for a response by email. Maybe they can help you!!

Good luck :smiley:

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I have the same problem :frowning:

By the way, the total amount of contributions do increase… (the part beneath ‘my progress’) so I guess they are keeping track of it, but even though I’m pretty sure I have made more than 500 contributions, it keeps saying I don’t have enough yet :frowning:

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I guess you must have lost your QC status too? :disappointed_relieved:

I missed you!!!

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I did lose it :frowning: I’ll be reaching out to the help centre to see what they can do.


AWW SOPHIEEE! I missed you too! It’s so nice to still see familiar faces around here haha.

I joined Viki as a little baby and now I’m starting my master’s degree. It’s insane how quickly time flies.


I sent a message too! But I’m afraid it’s gonna take a while before we get a response :frowning:


I have been having issues on the website with error messages even with just trying to explore the shows available. My own profile keeps giving the error message about half the time. Hope that they fix whatever the bug is.


I had this same issue a few days ago. 24 hrs after I kept getting the error message, it was fixed. So, I’m thinking the site is undergoing some maintenance.

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Has anyone received a response regarding this? The support team still hasn’t gotten back to me and I’m not sure if I should submit another help ticket.

Just a tip, never open another help ticket for the same thing, either re-open the old in case it was classified as “solved” by the help center, or give your open ticket another push, by adding another comment that the problem is still existing. Otherwise, the numbers of tickets will only increase time and again and the delay is already (should I use the word, well I guess) unacceptable. That little push, I usually gave it after 2 days for really urgent matters, not so urgent 2 weeks and if it has some time 4 weeks.


Thank you so much for this tip! I didn’t end up submitting a new ticket (thank goodness) and someone finally reached out to me this morning so hopefully we can get the issues resolved soon :slight_smile:

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Same here. Did you get a useful response?

No I didn’t get any response :frowning: