Contributors who want to demotivate other contributors on purpose

Change - out of context from the latest comments

Will you feel demotivated if a channel you are working on as a other language team member not getting the green lights on the last episode for a long time (weeks)!
Okay, the drama was not on air, but recently uploaded by Viki with 2 episodes a week.

Okay, the English subs weren’t the fastest. That’s not too bad, right?

Okay, other language comments are flooding the comment section of the drama. Are we too used to it by now?

Okay, the CM put the drama as completed project on her profile page. Okay? Not okay?

I am tormented about something like that, for me this is like what do I care about other languages?
What do I care about the other languages’ teams?
What do I care at all …

I care, even I am not a team member at this channel …

Isn’t it shaking up the foundation, what Viki is selling? The image of communication, going beyond language barriers. Is this behavior fit for a CM?
Or, will there be an “oops” sorry, we forgot to put up the green light for the other language moderators regarding the last episode?
I have sent a PM, I am curious now …


Let us know what happens!

I recently opened this thread

after not being at all in any of the projects with those issues. By accident I saw the abuse and wanted to help by any means possible. The thing is, I’m not sure those people, who should be reading this complaint of mine, have actually done it. And that sort of state is highly demotivating for ALL other language moderators and subtitlers, meaning the other 90% of the CM’s team.

You know what’s also demotivating? When a person copies your subs into not one, but two other languages. A person who is a long-term Viki contributor, having some projects with a role of a CM even. Lovely, isn’t it?

What did I do about it? Reported that person to Viki with screenshots as evidence. Cold-headedly, like we are in court. We will see what happens next - will I have to appeal or will the justice be served.

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Wait, how is this possible? If your subs are, say, in German, how can one copy them into the French and Italian slots? This would be an abuser, like the ones who fill the slots with periods or exclamation marks. The French and Italian team would be at her throat.

do they do it by google translate or in the same language just to get some subs for their vikipass?

The show was translated to Croatian. The (ab)user copied the subs into Serbo-Croatian and Serbian. These languages are quite similar, although with time they are getting more and more dissimilar.

Serbo-Croatian we use when both Croatian and Serbian and Bosnian etc translators want to unite to work on a common project together. The main problem of the languages of former Yugoslavia is too few volunteers.

However, Serbian should be written in Cyrillic alphabet. The abuser made too few modifications to our Croatian for it to be called proper Serbian language, thereby massacring their own language. And definitely didn’t use Cyrillic letters.

We though this kind of behaviour in Yugoslavian languages died out a long time ago. We were wrong. It’s only a couple of individuals who do this in our languages. But they are enough to create a bad atmosphere for us here on Viki.

Am I also wrong to think that CMs should be held to a higher degree of accountability for such actions than moderators and subtitlers?

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How? When some already fall short when it comes to the first language in line?

Hmm… I’m not sure what you meant there.

I meant, since this abuser is a CM on some of the projects, shouldn’t they be held even more responsible for not being the role models in our community? Nobody is perfect, of course. But this goes way beyond a simple mistake.

Edit: Oh, do you mean since as a CM you are responsible for already the first language of translation?

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Yes, although some CMs don’t seem to think like that. So to make it clearer, if CMs sometimes can’t even manage with the base language and do not get harmed because of it. To punish them because, they neglect an abuser, seems even more difficult. When, Viki is like “hands off”, we are not involved in translations. “Translations are done by our wonderful volunteers.”

Okay, sometimes accounts will be banned, or even deleted. But we all know some manage their way to crawl back.

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Yeah, yeah, I wasn’t thinking about the CM of the project where the subs were copied. I was referring to the fact that the person who copied the subs is a CM on some other projects. And Viki should have a higher standard when choosing its CMs.

Of course that CMs on the project don’t know what might be happening in the OLs. But this time I chose not to bother the CM with the issue, since it’s an old project. Rather, I went to Viki directly.

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The only team the Co-CM brought in and who caused so much trouble, was the substitute English moderator. And I think the roles were not clear, because there was an agreement between the Co-CM and the English moderator, which excluded me.

For that reason I contacted other CMs and asked for advice. I know the rules of the Ninjas, which were made some years ago, so the role of the English moderator is limited. I agreed with my Co-CM, that the English moderator may do a first round of editing, not more. If my Co-CM defined those duties in another way within her usual specific team and made different agreements with the English moderator she should at least let me know, shouldn’t she?

And even a disharmony between the CMs in one team shouldn’t lead to such a respectless behaviour towards the other editors. All English subtitlers, the English moderator and the Editors build the English team, they are teamplayers and what they should respect is the teamwork. The whole team respected each other, the only solo dancer was Deadliftdiva.


I insist. There should be a clear agreement between Co-CMs, divide the jobs or whatever works. From the beginning. “I brought you to help, but I’ll still be the one to decide roles”. “Hm, no, I’d want to be the one to do that, I have some people in mind already” “Oh, if it’s like that, thank you but I’d rather not have a co-CM”
Maybe there was an agreement but wasn’t kept?
If each CM thinks they have the power to assign roles to the team, and each CM recruits a different person, there will be two for each role. And in the case of Chief Editor, there cannot be two. There will be two different factions, each faction only talking with “their” CM, listening only to her words and taking only her words as valid. Each one will think that 'her" CM is the main one. (Or choose to think that way because it suits them to think that way).
In that situation, how can there be teamwork, I ask you?
I’m not saying that everything is your fault. The people in the team who were adaptable and meek didn’t cause problems. But it was a situation that created the possibility for people who were not meek and adaptable, to try and gain a place of power. If you hadn’t created that possibility, the problem wouldn’t have arisen.
So, the way I see it (from what you told us here, since I have no personal knowledge about the case) is that it all happened because you were too trusting of that co-CM and didn’t foresee she would act arrogantly and want to usurp your place instead of being a helper.
What the team members did was a consequence of this.

Lesson for all of us: two CMs can be trouble. Let’s avoid it.


Where were you when I needed this? \o/ You’ve just attracted a good dose of good karma into your life.

It’s never too late to raise the red flags of caution. This “volunteer pool” may not be the Padang Padang in Bali or the Nassau in Bahamas, but we are all in it, swimming in it. This would certainly help the newbies and the less-experienced “swimmers” or “beachgoers” to be more alert and informed, lest they step into a whirlpool and ended up with wounds.

Clearly and shockingly, from what I am reading here, such undesirable and uncivil behavior continues, over and over, to date. What a shame!


Should we talk about CMs who give their place to another CM friend. And the CM friend then decides to delete some moderators to favor friends? (It reminds me of an old past that we would rather forget) Or even CMs who give first to their friend without taking into consideration those who may be interested. Or CMs who think they know better than others (for number of contribution? Really, you are absurd!). We have been talking about Linda since the beginning, but she is not the only one who does stupid and greedy things. Yes, she is the empress but there are many other imperials persons around here.

Well, with all that you, everyone, have been saying for a week, I can see one thing: viki community is rotten. But it is we who let this become so. And it is vikistaff which is useless, to put rules. I blame members of the community, but I also blame vikistaff, vikirepresentants and myself to participate in this.

And it’s not a question that everyone is afraid to say something, it’s a question that everyone is involved in stupid bad tricks. Many other people do not care because they know it’s stupid and are better than that. But when did we lose our moral? We are talking about things inherent to viki organization, but there are really more serious things happening. I just want to remember everyone that Internet is a space that is still managed by laws. Although viki does nothing to impose rules, remember that the law still exists. And if you get harassed, insulted or anything else, you can file a complain! Cyber-harassment is severely punished now. NEVER FORGET that behind your screen, you are not safe from punishments and law!

Back to Viki, whether it’s CM’s place or moderators, I admit that people’s greed, I do not understand it. I am really sad that people have come so far for a mediocre position, which will certainly not determine her/his life. All the tricks you put in place make me pity: by friends, second accounts or anything else.

I know that the human has an aggressive part in him determined by his desire, however, we are subject to social codes, rules, laws and fundamental laws. I know that Internet can be a refuge for everyone who thinks they can enjoy an omnipotence, but do not forget that you are not all-powerful, you are not God. You are just one human being, a nickname or even a number (for those who still believe that the number of contributions can give value to one person, which makes me even more pity). Whether you are English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish speakers or any other language, we are equal. If you believe you have more power because you have more skill, or you have “friends” OR because you are close to vikistaff members - who are also humains - you are mistaken heavily. To enjoy superficial power for an ephemeral time… is ridiculous. (Ps : “Friends” because we all know we have no friends on viki, you are mostly in utility relationships and that’s all)

But I know that our complaints here will be useless and that this post will never succeed in anything. I am glad that some people can still express themselves. It relieves a little. Even if everything continues. I do not expect anything from that. Nothing will change. Maybe, the best people will leave viki. And they are right.

One thing is sure, I do not want to be part of a community like this anymore. I will not participate in this anymore, and I will not accept anybody like that in the future for any position (you can also put me in your blacklist of French moderators, I do not care about it. Anyway, it will change nothing since you have your favorites, and it’s usually never me. Or me, but because you know that I’m CM sometime and want favors) I will greatly favors newbies. My conclusion is here: My life is worth than viki and if you need viki for living, then keep it.

Anyway, we all know that one day viki will disappear in favor of another great platform that you all know. I can not wait to see this day happen. :joy:
Anna is fed up. :kissing_heart:


Oh, I know at what point you are. Once my days were filled with Viki, I came I discussed and subbed and subbed. I did moderation, I hopped from here to the next channel and suddenly the tune was more aggressive and Viki less responsive. That made me frustrated and I took a break, a short one, a longer one. I still come back, but I rarely do more than help here and there. But I came back because of the old days. There are more things in life to take care of and one day there will be a program who will make subtitles in the blink of an eye.

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Hi Irmar,

I get your point and you’re right. I think, I was too trusting and therefore overwhelmed with the “double forces”. I know, I’m not the first and not the last one, who had to deal with them, but I hope, that I could at least help or warn others to not do the same mistake.

WHAT A SHOCK! It boggles my mind to no end! And makes me :rage:

@somejuwels Thanks for sharing. I had no idea that had happened! I’m sorry you, your editors and your English team had to undergo such an ordeal. The silver lining from it is the understanding of the true, unmasked faces of some volunteers.

It’s a real shame that here we are, a pool of volunteers with our own RL demands who willingly share our talent and time, for free, hoping to uphold this erstwhile worthwhile mission to facilitate “entertainment without barriers”, yet such nonsense had happened, continues to happen and is allowed to fester and continue.

Rakuten Viki, being the corporation behind this platform, should not sweep such issues under the rug anymore. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Lay down specific ground rules. Enforce them when breached. DO IT before more and more volunteers abandon this ship without looking back. Not just @anna79_9 or @piranna, but many others, including me, too.

To all volunteers: For humanity’s sake, we are volunteers, not competitors for “work/promotion with pay/perks”.

  1. Stop being uncivil to other volunteers;
  2. Stop being malicious and manipulative;
  3. Stop being hurtful and harmful.
    Above all, Stop.The.Greed! :rage:

I think words can hurt, sometimes more than physical attacks, such as when people talk with their ego (me, me, me) and forget to talk with their heart.
And it causes them, blinded by Egoman, to put themselves above other volunteers or to step on some volunteers.

Maybe they need healing or beat their fear and discover their worth.


Since they didn’t. care to take responsibility to complete the task you shouldn’t care about anything they say to you. They know they look bad because someone else had to come in behind them to clean up the mess they made and complete the project so that viewers can watch. After all isn’t that what people.are paying for? It seems they are not all that interested in being a CM or moderators so maybe they should find somewhere else to go. You keep up the good work cherrypie94. Ignore the hate cause the love and passion the viewers have for their dramas outweighs any hate they throw your way.:heart_eyes:

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