Contributors who want to demotivate other contributors on purpose

Years ago, we had some misunderstandings. You elected to make them public and then resurrected that old thread, which again seems a bit much.

I thought you and I were on good terms and so I’ve no idea where this is coming from, or whom, and I don’t care actually now to even try to figure it out. I can only guess which moderator this is about as you haven’t talked to me about it, so I don’t know.

If you want to pick a fight, choose a different target, as I’m not interested in arguing with you. :slight_smile: I’ve always admired your intelligence and ability to come up with good ideas here, but I’m now going to stop reading you entirely.

Please succeed in your real world endeavors, I do wish you the best.


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Since when I had some expectation?
Of course, guilty people want to hide and tell “I don’t see” or “I don’t know.”
Since when a robber would tell “I robbed you!” It would be a perfect world.
Like? I don’t understand.

Let’s play hide and seek, I love this game :slight_smile:

You’re extremely calm. It doesn’t look like your usual side in such a situation.
I’ve known you more punchy, or should I say, we all have known you more punchy.
In this situation, you would have already thrown me insults?
You had more fire a few days/weeks ago:

Change of tone with me (and not with MaryK):
My answer comes then you (“period” => sure, you respect me. But I don’t have a care about your respect)

So… Something is off, right? :slight_smile:
Your quietness… You know that you’ve done something wrong, right? Have you something to hide and don’t want others to know?
You know that I’m not the only one.


I don’t know how come I haven’t got this idea sooner.
You can’t send me insulting PM like before, you can’t drive me away so you picked to retreat.
And you can’t throw me rocks here, it would only give more credits to my words.
But who says that silence gives you credits?
I have a lot to say, especially when it’s about bad practices and such.

Flee :slight_smile:


She learned from the experts that have been YEARS doing this. This is nothing new, except deadliftdiva joined the horror team and now is kissing…you know the rest.

I can’t see the picture too clearly, as I said I am out of the “limelight” on air/newly uploaded drama projects. I feel like watching the British Parliament “working” on the Brexit. It leaves a bad feeling, you wonder if there will ever be a solution, and you (me) wish for it to never have happened in the first place.
But what I know. I once worked together with another German contributor with the ID jojoo, maybe some of you here might recall that ID. I have known her as a positive person, she was very diligent, doing German/English subtitles, segmenting and at that time doing a fan-channel for people to test and try if segmenting or subtitling is even something to consider. (We know that people think it is easy and give up in the first week, not every volunteer will stay here for years.) Anyway … One day I lost contact with her. I contacted some people I knew that she was working with to no avail. Then her ID was gone and later came back with a different name … It was spooky and one day I was communicating with someone telling me that she had an argument with another contributor. She didn’t know any details. At that moment jojoo left Viki, without looking back.
Of course, I was disappointed that she didn’t contact me after all the years at Viki we contributed together, but maybe she feared I would get involved or even try to persuade her to stay. (I can’t say, I wouldn’t have tried.) But I did have my troubles here too, so I took little breaks and a long break (7 months). I know how “this cyber life” can pull you in and make you think, that there are friends, frenemies and fiends. You wished that this place would be better, as it states that it wants to take down barriers, but we must acknowledge, I didn’t write accept here, that some people like to bully or like to stay together as a pack.
I will leave it with the words of Pal Kang from SFFTS, “my wish is for world peace”. I know it’s abstract, unrealistic at least in my lifetime and looking at the state the world is right now. But that won’t change my wish I will still sing John Lennon’s “Imagine”, I will still try to show R E S P E C T (Aretha Franklin), I will still try to help out …
I wish everyone a perfect day (Fisher Z) and “don’t give up” (Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush).
One song that is always healing for me is Shelter Me by Joe Cocker, maybe you want to try it, maybe it’s not your taste, but anyway. Remember out there are many Beautiful Flowers (India Arie), some only give their beauty, others offer fragrance and the next ones think they can only survive with lots of thorns.


Thank you for the music (Abba).

Let me continue, who knows, you’re going to remember :slight_smile:


  • It’s really easy to say “It’s a misunderstanding.”
    We can tell that everything is a misunderstanding if we want to hide something. Handy excuse.
    I don’t agree with you. It’s not a misunderstanding, so friction/misunderstanding… you’re using attenuating words here. For once, you don’t exaggerate when you talk.
    Do you only exaggerate when slashing someone or glorifying when wanting to gain some favors ‘Shifu’s pet’ or glorifying yourself ‘GeNie of the Lamp the Elemental of Editing’, (etc., etc.) and only attenuating when you try to save yourself?

4 - Let me refresh it so we all can find a better word.
  • 2 years back in April 2017, you invited ppl to describe you here:

  • At that time, I haven’t known you more than that and I was an idiot.
    I tried to bury this topic because I thought you didn’t deserve some comments people said about you and better to think of something more “joyful” with my multiple topics created at that time (Irmar or other volunteers who were there can testify it easily this fact and what ensues too).

  • You slahed me in PM
    (@angelight313_168, thanks for telling your story.
    I didn’t know you had the same experience as me. Two people had the same exp with you… not 1 only… There’s no coincidence).

And has it stopped just here? No. It’s even worst after. It’s not just talking, you added manipulating, sabotaging, stealing a team to take control of it.

Sarcasm, irony, scoring points, using titles & insulting people at the same time,… so you can get away?

And how did you finish the conversation?

Where is the respect you have for me that you talk about?
You don’t know respect, from our first PMs and 2 years later, it’s the same.
No evolution, nothing has changed.
2 years before, you fought with some volunteers, then you picked a fight with me and many others later.

5- [quote="deadliftdiva_548, post:107, topic:12476"] If you want to pick a fight, choose a different target, as I'm not interested in arguing with you. [/quote]

Don’t turn black into white. If initially, you have acted correctly, respectfully, ethically, without manipulating, harming, sabotaging, hurting, driving away some volunteers from some teams/dramas why have you fought with so many volunteers?
Who is trying to push who?
Why would we talk about you here and why am I not the only one to have something to say about your behavior?

6- So do you still want to appear having credibility? Some mods (such as in the French language) you're working with have no ethics, lie to other French mods and CM with secondary accounts, so why would I feel you have more ethics than them?
[quote="deadliftdiva_548, post:107, topic:12476"] I can only guess which moderator this is about as you haven't talked to me about it, so I don't know. [/quote]
I'll be more clear: you only recruit the same French mod. So guessing is not difficult. Oh, and they still continue to ask for moderation, wonder if they really have some morals after reading my post, right Kobolt?
7- Excuses and excuses... It's easy to see through them (boring defense). The 'Mei Daxia' team, have you stolen this team?
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I’ve never realized until now.

On the discussion where you were slashed 2 years ago.

1/ Either you knew that people would say bad things about you.
To play the victim? Show that you were the victim and others were bullies? Or at the moment people slashed you, you tried to make them feel guilty / appear guilty and took advantage of them feeling guilty? Like Sophie2you.

2/ Either you didn't know, but still: Sophie2you knew she was wrong, you knew she was wrong and you took advantage of this fact by highlighting it, it was unavoidable that knowing the kind of person she was, she would feel indebted to you. Did you know how to make her feel more guilty? Have you used it against her already?
It was kind of the same trick you used in your first PM, saying you were thinking of leaving and all. Now, thinking back, I'm doubting your words were sincere. I think that you used the excuse of "Oh, I want to leave, because they told me that, and that." Like you knew that it would make the other party feels bad or guilty.

Really, I wonder if you haven’t done it deliberately, playing the victim or taking advantage in it, in fact, putting the blame on volunteers while slashing them at the same time.

You kind of took advantage of the situation.
A wolf disguised as a sheep.

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I wonder if you haven’t used the same tactics somewhere else to make other people appear “evil” or with bad intentions toward your person or without qualities for their roles such as editing (“It’s them, not me”).
"I (in capital letters) have done that, MY team has done that (in capital letters).
“THEY (in capital letters) insulted me. I was the victim (in capital letters).”

So some targeted volunteers would feel inexorably that you were right and would begin to distance themselves from the volunteers that you said were evil, bad to you or badmouthed you or were not good in the team, blablabla.

You didn’t take their positions?
Editors, rings a bell?
What was your excuse to explain why you took all 3 chairs?
“It’s easier to edit. They’re not competent, as I have worked with them already. You can ask to A.” (A being brainwashed by you already)

(I have to say: your attempt to critics their ability to edit has failed when I wanted to recruit you as an editor on the fan channel The Fated General, I now understand a lot of things)

I wonder…
You are tricky, it would be totally the kind of tricks you would pull actually. Done in the past, doing in the present, will do again.


French mods, if 10 dramas offer 10 mods positions.
5/6 dramas would be taken from the same duo of French mods with their secondary accounts.
They won’t let you have more chance. No, they’re reducing it.
They don’t want you to be mods on some dramas (or mods at all I would say knowing the battles), otherwise why would they create secondary accounts? It’s not for you that they do this. Clearly, they want to drive some mods away or not let the chance to new or old mods or to some teams.

It’s really selfish.


Is this person so important to you that you’re dedicating time and virtual ink to STILL talk to her? Moreover… what do you believe you will achieve by this? Make her acknowledge that you are right and she is wrong? (Frankly, how many people would actually do that in real life? There are a few, but they are the exception to the rule)

I made a resolution, two years ago, and I’ve kept it. And I think it was a good decision.



What’s important is that everyone will be aware and future volunteers will be able to recognize her tricks and don’t be fooled again.
What’s important is she won’t get the opportunity to play with other volunteers again or to hurt them ever again.
I know 1 volunteer who’s still hurt by Linda’s ways against that person. If someone had told her before what kind of person she was, she might have not been fooled or hurt.
Prevent this from happening again and seeking justice.

It has not stopped with you or after your episode, Irmar. You might have peace, but she won’t let other volunteers have peace because we are on her way to get dramas coveted by her.


Being on Kdramas saves you, Irmar. Otherwise, you’d have been excluded on Cdramas like other editors not because of your competence, but because of her and her selfishness.

  • It would have been like that:
    Let’s replay it.

You’ve been picked editor by the CM.
Linda comes, badmouths you, tells buttery words about her person, she says everything that can be used to seduce a CM to take her (and only her). [Btw, she even suggests chief segmenter, she says I only have the best in my team (Chinese subbers, etc.) => she served me this at that time].
And you know what happens after?
The CM, fooled or afraid of losing a moderation position on Linda’s dramas, just accepts what Linda says and she kicked the same editor she recruited.


  • Is it fair?
  • Do you think it happened only once?
    No, it has happened more than once.

A drama for ex?
An Oriental Odyssey. Go ask the CM.

With “her” words, she drove away one editor and how many more before and in the future?
Who has been fooled or used by her?


I see what you mean, but, you know, it’s the first post that actually describes the problem in an understandable way for those “not in the know”. If I were a newbie here and started to read the discussion from the beginning, I would have abandoned it, discouraged: I would think “these two are discussing something that happened between themselves”.

Being in k-dramas may have saved me of the stuff happening in C-dramas, but there is cut-throat competition there, and I have explained in another thread how difficult it is to grab a place. Those who fail to ingratiate themselves to one of the two empresses are doomed to inactivity, and they won’t be spared sarcastic comments behind their back either.

So yeah, in conclusion… life is hard and people can be annoying. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

On the other hand, today it was a beautiful sunny day with a triumphantly blue sky; my aloe vera plant is creating two flowers, my cat is safe. So all is well and I’m starting a crochet shawl for the healer who helped him.


Irmar, if all people reacted that way, then all criminals wouldn’t be in prison.
We all won’t have courts or lawyers and would only think of beautiful things when we encounter sad things.

Sometimes, you have to grab the problem at his source and pluck it out.

If you want to talk with me about something else, sure, open a topic and I will talk about the good weather (btw, I’m sick, so I can’t talk a lot XD, but if you’re okay with a Skype session, call me anytime, I kind of miss you sleeping while I’m on the line :slight_smile: I took this bad habit from you btw, I’m sleeping with lights, glasses, computer.

But when it’s about this matter, I will persist, because I have beliefs and staying silent will only put more volunteers into the same situation.

No, some people don’t know. I assure you, some people don’t know, I have received 3 PMs already about not being aware that it happened elsewhere or that some volunteers could have gone so far.

And if some want to say they didn’t know, they can’t anymore.
So we should all face it, including this guilty volunteer.



Do you know how I know her tactics? I was there when she tried these tactics with me because she wanted the Fated General drama.

  • 2 years ago, after being slashed on the discussion, 3 PMs.

  • A few months ago with Fated General’s recruiting editors time (CM: me), be sure there were more than only 3 PMs, because she indeed had something to gain. At this time, I really thought of recruiting her.

Change of tone. Is it the same person?
I have no doubts anymore on how she deals with some targeted volunteers: Volunteers she can’t use, see how she talks. Volunteers she can use to have her way, read her other side that comes in handy. It’s written in black and white.

When she saw I was reluctant to give her the 3 editing jobs: she insisted and badmouthed other editors on a well-known Cdrama (I hid the title, but some volunteers know which drama I’m talking about).

Insisting, magnifying to have it, badmouthing other editors, I would add even more: it’s too much. It seems perfect, but she’s far from being it.

Is it how she got editing positions and CM in her pocket?



After sensing I would only let her the GE chair because I want a team, not 1 person for a team’s work, do you know what she did?

Do you think she has given up only after that 1st attempt of manipulation against me? She went to see my friend.

She wanted to use Anna to get to me, because she knows my relationship with her. Go plead and convince.

You can go ask Anna.

See how hard she tries to have her ways?
Even using my friend for a drama? Has she wanted to put pressure on her or inspire empathy so she would tell me a word?
Using tricks again and again.

Who would do this??



And has it stopped after not having this drama in her hands?
No, she has the intent to sabotage the dramas I have.
For revenge because she didn’t get what she wanted? Because I didn’t agree?

She used the CM of another drama where she’s CE, TE, GE to recommend me Chinese translators. And at this time, the drama needed Chinese translators. But do you know what?
Her, herself, she didn’t accept these subbers on her dramas and she only wants the best, right? Why would she recommend me these subbers? Do you know what the TE discovered after that about these subbers?
I’m letting people find out.

If she knows enough Chinese to TEdit it, she can’t say that she didn’t know it was fake recommendations.
Deliberately fake recommendations, you can ask the TE and the CM she used to recommend translators.

  • Yes, it has stopped for some volunteers who decided to look elsewhere, but she has continued with others and will continue. It’s not about us or me only. It’s about others who will have to face it.
    Editors, moderators, subbers, seggers, other volunteers who will have a drama she covets. She won’t stop if everyone does nothing.

People should open their eyes wide open and don't be fooled by this person sweet talks. Because it's totally a volunteer you can't trust and who will backstab you once she sees someone more useful than you or you can't be used anymore by her.

I’m not the only one to know that person’s true personality, some others had to deal with her.
Be aware.


I have no idea of the particular incident between the two of you regarding that Chinese drama. I also have no idea about this person’s skills in Chinese or editing (I just know she’s an inspired writer). So what I will say are only my general thoughts on the formation of English teams and the roles within them.
So please take it as a side note in the discussion, not at all relevant to anyone’s behaviour in that particular instance.

1. Harmony within the English team

It is very important that Translation Editor, General Editor and Chief English Editor are in complete harmony and that they are humble, appreciative and respectful of each other’s skills and role in making the best possible result.
It makes sense that the Chief Editor suggests and has a saying in the hiring of the whole English team. Because s/he is the one who will have the last word, the final responsibility of how the English looks and doesn’t want people in the team who will go against this vision, this concept. (I’ve had TEs who went after me to change my sentences to grammatically wrong English in order to make it more precisely matching the original Korean. Without asking, without discussion. I was so pissed, I was literally fuming.) So I do understand this point.
When I am Chief Editor I always ask to be the one who hires the rest of the English Team and try to get collaborators not only skilled but, very importantly, people I’m comfortable working with and who share the same vision.
If I were CM, would I give the Chief Editor I trust the power to hire the whole team if she wishes to? Definitely yes. But of course it should be a Chief Editor I trust.

2. A team vs. one-person doing all.

I lately I have worked in quite a few projects as GE under cgwm808, one of the most experienced Chief Editors of k-dramas here or rather the most experienced who has worked on an incredible number of projects and whose name is a synonym for quality. Well, this lady is fluent in Korean and, whenever needed, is capable of filling in for absent Ko-En subbers, to the point of sometimes subbing more than half of an episode herself. However, she always has a T.E. and a G.E. (sometimes more than one). Why? Is it only because she has lots of projects and cannot or won’t do everything on a single project herself? I don’t know, we’d have to ask her, of course, cannot speak for someone else. But my guess is that it’s probably not the only reason, but a safety measure to ensure even better quality. The human eye sometimes guesses to “see” what it knows is right rather than what it actually sees. A second pair of eyes, a different perspective is always useful. Sometimes even the perspective of someone who does not know the source language, thus can have the “innocent” eye of the final viewers. Or the perspective of someone who is not a native English-speaker, so might ignore some slang words or need acronyms explained.
If I were CM, would I give all four chairs to a single person? If I were sure that the person 1) had the skills (judging from past work and trusted references) and 2) didn’t have any other projects at the time, I might. I don’t find it shocking or anything. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a team. Although I would also wonder, in a back corner of my mind, how come this person hasn’t built a net of trusted collaborators to share the job with.
I have always worked as a lone translator in real life, but here at Viki I’ve found that working with others can sometimes be a hassle but it can also be exciting and fun.

Now I am thinking, is this post useful? Actually, no, it doesn’t offer anything to this conversation which is about behaviour among volunteers. It might be interesting in another more general thread about volunteering.
Should I delete it, then? (Just thinking aloud here).
I’ll see what I do. I have a whole week to consider this option. Too lazy right now.


I agree with everything you say.

But Linda actually uses this reasoning to convince people. But is she sincere when using these reasons or is there something else hidden?

  • almost all her dramas, she asks for all positions and she doesn’t want a net of collaborators.
    Go look the dramas she’s in. Almost never she works with other editors.

Has she tried on Fated General? She wasn’t interested at all with working with others when I told her this possibility. She was totally opposed to it when I told her “you could try, you have never worked with this TE.”

She didn’t even try.
It’s not she can’t, it’s she doesn’t want to.
And when she doesn’t want to, she’s not stopping at that only, she will use alternate means.

On the drama I’ve hidden the title.
Read the pic.
What did she say about these editors to convince me that she was the savior and other editors won’t do good?
That I shouldn’t even think of recruiting other editors (on The fated general, but not at all from my dramas with the reasons she used).

Do you know the reason to legitimate that ppl should evict these editors?
Competences. She said in the pic above, “gibberish” to qualify their edition.
But these veteran editors have competences, a lot of volunteers have worked together, with these editors.

When you see how it goes crescendo in her pms, there is something off, if the only excuse is: it’s better alone; she wouldn’t have gone so far in her talking:

  • 1st pm: all kind, just ‘it’s easier’ alone
  • other pm: I have saved a drama against evil editors, btw naming Serenite in that. Is it a coincidence? She knows my relationship with her.
  • other pm: don’t trust other editors, but trust me. No competences, they will sabotage your drama just like they did it on another one.
  • other pm: she went to see Anna.

It is how this went. Read pics.

Does someone use such tactics to only justify I don’t work with other editors? There is something more, definitively.

So she and you or another editor: can we compare apples and carrots? You are too much different in the way you’re volunteering or think in a team.
You have a conscience.

It’s not only a selfish problem, it’s also how she wanted to put the others editors in others mind so we don’t recruit them… at all. But so we only recruit her for all :slight_smile:


Let me tell you a story. Around 3 years ago I submitted a channel for NIF 2 and Viki appointed me as the Channel Manager. Because of the high expectations for this second season and because I wasn’t very experienced, I asked a “veteran” channel manager I knew and whom I trusted a lot, if she wants to join as the Co-CM. I already had accepted and added the Chief Editor and I told this my new Co-CM from the very beginning. And she worked together with the CE before, so she had no problems at all.

Later this Co-CM added an English moderator and because I knew that she was fluent in English and Chinese, it was okay for me. One day, my Co-CM reached out for me and told me, the English moderator wants to drop out due to private reasons. She suggested to take in Deadliftdiva, I knew her as an editor from other dramas, where I was the German moderator. At this time, we already had a General Editor, too. So Deadliftdiva was from the very beginning the substitute and No 2 for the position of the English moderator.

Things went well until NIF 2 was licensed. I got a message from my Co-CM and she told me, that conflicts appeared, because Deadliftdiva wanted to bring in her own team and my Chief Editor wanted to add a new TE and her trusted subtitlers. When Deadliftdiva was added, there was no agreement, that she would do the editing too. So I told my Co-CM, that our CE was first and I want her to stay. Deadliftdiva would stay as the English moderator and she could do a first round of editing, if she wants, but our GE and CE would do the second and third round. Our CE would have the final saying.

Now the chilly winds started to blow not only in NIF 2, but on Viki, too. I was told that I should kick my CE out. She had so many other projects and she was doubted to fulfill her duties properly. I was told, that on other dramas, where was she the CE, the progress was very slow. But I told my Co-CM that I keep my promises and won’t kick her out. She was the first in our team and she would stay. The GE would stay, too.

Meanwhile I got a message from Deadliftdiva. She realized, that our team already had a CE and a GE (what a surprise, that she realizes something like this after months!!) and she would like to overtake the position as the Chief Editor. She praised herself, okay, it was kind of an application and told me “she would not mind to keep the GE as a welcome helper. She would not mind the CE getting a credit to make her happy if that helps”, but she wanted her position. And I told her the same, our CE would stay and I won’t kick her out.

With the next message she told me, she would strictly abide and only call her subbers and moderate her team. AND started to badmouth the CE, it was disgusting. She called the CE a hoarder, but I won’t post a screenshot, because this concerns not only me. The best part of her message was that she was outraged because “a new talent or a talent unknown having little to no opportunity to grow or show their strenghts”. Please, how could someone, who is greedy for all four positions, have any thoughts or consideration for new talents?

Meanwhile I learned the reasons, why the former English moderator dropped out. It’s my fault, that I didn’t talk with her before and blindly accepted the suggestions of my Co-CM. I apologized sincerely for my lack of responsibility and we are on good terms. Deadliftdiva found out, that we were working together, she slagged her of and even warned me to not work with her.

The first trailers and episodes were uploaded and the tone got harsher. After my CE sent out the first greetings and rules for the English subtitlers, Deadliftdiva made her own rules and put them up in the Team Discussion. She was the one, who dominated the Team Notes and if someone dared to change them, she changed them back. My Co-CM put up the third set of rules and posted them without my knowledge and put Deadliftdiva in the position of the “packleader”. So I tried to tone down the drama within the drama and told the English team, that all editors and the English moderator are one team and that everyone is equal important. Guess what? I was completely ignored.

If you are the first channel manager and you add a second one, your avatar won’t be the first in line anymore, but the second channel managers’s one. This was a perfect excuse for Deadtliftdiva to put the Co-CM over me and to talk me down. It was so bothersome, that I asked Camille, if she could put my avatar back in the first position and I told her, without further details or names, that we have many problems within the team and I was trying to calm them down and keep peace for the sake of the drama. You may think, this was a petty move from me, but so I stripped Deadliftdiva from the foundation of her impudence.

The assumptions of Deadliftdiva in Pirannas Screenshot are NOT true. Both editors and the subtitlers discussed and weighed up any changes, notes and vocabulary closely and accurately in the Team Discussion. I still remember the discussion about “prince/duke” where Deadtliftdiva insisted in her point of view and ignored any objections. I don’t know, which arrangements she made before with my Co-CM, but for me, I only accepted, that she would do the first round of a rough editing. I never agreed, that she should do the translation editing, a kind of FULL first editing and even a segmenting editing. For what reason should the English moderator do a segmenting editing, if you have such capable segmenters like Bjohnsonwong and Serenite in your team?

Both editors and I got countless side-kicks, little mean side blows, consistently respectless shabby tricks, so I warned Deadliftdiva, if she wouldn’t stop immediately, I would not mind to kick her out of the team. It’s not that she refused to quit, I let her stay, but only for the sake of the drama.

I must admit, that at first I was overwhelmed and devasted, but I kept in close touch with my both editors, I got “mental support” from the former English moderator. And I even asked another channel manager for advice about the rules, duties and responsibilities within an English team. A channel manager, whom I really trust, admire and like a lot. And although I didn’t mention any names, I’m pretty sure, she could easily guess, whom I was talking about. Her advice and encouraging words helped me a lot.

After NIF 2 was wrapped up, I kept avoiding Deadliftdiva and my Co-CM. I’m a peaceful person and don’t like fights, which doesn’t mean, I can’t defend myself. But I fear, that other channel managers with less support have been pushed aside. Since Piranna was so brave and stepped forward and I learned, that Deadliftdiva skewed the truth in order substantiate her greed, I won’t remain silent anymore. Maybe this could help future channel managers to read Deadliftdivas real face and prevents them from such a bitter experience. Thanks god I have saved all my messages, so I could prove anything I’m talking about, if neccessary.


Please don’t delete, it was extremely helpful.

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It is very important to let people know without a shadow of doubt the order of the workflow and who does what. If all this is not clear, what you mentioned can easily happen in any team.

The workflow as I understand it is: subber --> TE --> GE --> CE. None of the previous ones goes over the next person to change their edits. If the TE is not in agreement with something the English editors or the Chief Editor does, they can write about it and discuss it, but not directly change.
(As a GE, I often go in right after the subbers to change some glaring grammar or formatting mistakes and streamline names, spelling and OST, but I don’t consider this a real edit, just a pre-edit, for the sake of viewers who are too impatient to wait for the editing before watching. In that case of course TEs should and must change my edits if there is a translation mistake)
Also, if there is more than one GE, if they disagree on something (other than obvious typos or formatting issues), they should discuss it and state their reasons for wanting to change their colleagues subs.
Of course the CE decides on the final Team Notes rules and nobody else should change them, other than adding new names/titles/nomenclature as it appears.
If it is perfectly clear who the CE is, then there should be no problem. But in your example, the roles were not clear and the competences between the two CMs were not well-defined too. If each CM has her own team and supports the people there, there will be strife. So I think that the main problem was the disharmony between you and your co-CM. If not for that, nothing of the rest would have happened.

P.S. After all this time, I am still struggling to understand what exactly is the role of the English moderator. Other than coordinating the various team members by sending messages like “you may start working”. If not specified as GE, the English mod shouldn’t touch the subs, right? Then her role is extremely limited.