Could somebody help me with the dictation of half a minute?

I am doing a dictation of an old American Western drama. It’s too old to find its English subtitles.

Though YouTube provides automatic speech recognition, the quality is not very good.

So could somebody please help me with the subs from [06:00] to [06:30]?

I would be very appreciated.



Traveler: Thanks, I’ll bed down my horse
Innkeeper(?): Well I’ll stable him for you
Innkeeper: Have you had your supper yet?
Traveler: No, I could sure use some food
Innkeeper: Well I’ll send some up and some fresh water for you to clean up in
Traveler: Thanks, if I can stay awake that long
Innkeeper: Evie (not sure how her name is spelled) you’re just in time. This boy is going to stay over with us. Fix him some vittles, will you?
Evie: Alright
Traveler: I’d sure appreciate it ma’am
Evie: Well I’ll send it up as soon as it’s ready
Traveler: Thanks.
Traveler: You said the head of the stairs?

It’s hard to know without more context but he’s staying the night at this place. Head of the stairs literally means “top of the stairs” like the head is the top of your body. It’s hard to know what that last line means. Maybe he’s tired and he forgot where his room was. Maybe he’s unsure where the room is and it was right beside the top of the stairs.

I haven’t double checked accuracy. Maybe someone else can.

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Hi Kyle,

Thank you sooooooo much.

I really appreciate your help.

I think your version is perfect enough, no need for accuracy check.

Thanks again.


Yeah no problem, if you ever need help with a short clip here or there let me know. I don’t have time for full episodes but I don’t mind trying to figure out a word or phrase or a short conversation

I hadn’t heard “vittles” in forever and took me a few seconds to realize what he said. The overall sentence structure of the conversation is a bit awkward because it’s such an old drama and a western-style drama but then again I haven’t written down many conversations before… maybe they’re all awkward even ones written today.

The old man is saying ‘‘ahead of the stairs’’ which really means all the way at the end of the stairs.

Is like saying ‘‘up ahead’’ they mean all the way up there.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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