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Hi guys

It’s been some time I’m looking for start learning to do at least a simples cover page.
I would like to know which apps do you guys use and how you put on viki. I would really appreciate if someone recommend some tips or apps to help. I’m used using some apps but I am really confused using viki lol and how to design there or put something there.



This is the first basic if you want to design only with a picture.
In the beginning I started with Gimp which is like Adobe Illustrator but the user experience is much harder and complex than a Adobe software BUT it’s for free so it’s enough for the start. After that I started with Adobe Illustrator because of my study and therefore I have learned and used it quiet a lot so it’s very easy for me to use all funtion’s of the software. But you have to know that it’s not cheap so I recommend you GIMP. You can also use a software which you only buy one time (and never again unlike Adobe): Affinity Designer, which is also good.

If you also want gifs and HTML/CSS object’s then my friend you have to learn some basic programming here. I learned this in my study as well (shallow) but it was sufficient enough so I didn’t need big help at the start to make basic things like a box with border and so on. You have to try and practise a lot. I can recommend you to use a google doc where you have every template of each different designs so you don’t have to use much time on it as well. But like I said the start is always a hard one so don’t give up :slight_smile:


what about sites like Pixlr? are they good for cover page designing?
and how do you actually start designing on Viki? Do you just contact the CM and ask if you could do it? and as a designer, do you have to design more than just the cover page? is there anywhere like the NSSA that we can learn?
i really love graphic design, so I’m curious😅 sorry if i asked too many questions


Seems like we’ll soon get somebody to compete with Rose’s skills :smile:
Best of luck :wink:

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From what I know it’s the task of the CM (and of the moderators of the languages which have a Viki page in their language) to make sure that there is going to be a cover page. He/she can choose to either do it him-/herself or assign the job to someone else.
So I suppose you could ask the CM … or make sure that your availibility is known by putting out a message here on the Discussion board and/or including it in your profile information.
As far as I know there is no Ninja Academy for designers.

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You should look for some freeware illustrators online and if there are tutorial videos on youtube. Those videos are very informative and you can see, if you like the handling. Gimp is freeware, but I personally hate Gimp, I think it’s way too complicated.
I’m using, but you have to pay for it.

If you want to create a coverpage with the Viki editor, you need some basic html skills, there are tutorials online, too. So you should learn how to change the color of the background, to add a border with round or with edges for example. With the Viki editor you can add photos easily, you can add fonts and change them, change the color of the font, you can add hyperlinks.

If you want to create a coverpage which you don’t need to change afterwards, you can upload this “photo” with freeware online like Just ask google :slight_smile: I’m using but this is a German site. You have to copy the URL and add it to the Viki editor.

If you want to create a fancy coverpage, but still need to add the team, you can upload the fancy one and a simple background, too and combine both. If you add them both to the Viki editor you will have a really small space between them, but I don’t mind this. My HTML skills are kind of limited :grinning: so I can’t help with tables, gifs and CCS.

And if you want to see some of my coverpages, this is my profile, you just need to click on the “German Coverpage” (these are hyperlinks") and can see the respective ones


Thank you :slight_smile: I will see those things and practice. Thanks for the help!!!

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I will search those things and practice. Thank you:)

That’s right, most of the time, the job of cover designer is available, as there are lots of dramas and few of us. Often CMs don’t know who to ask, so they just try and create a simple thing themselves. But if you were to ask for a job as cover designer, you’d probably find one really easily.

As @rose_shn said, I’m also using Gimp, which can be kind of hard to master and you need to add new brushes or writing to have a full set (lots of available free stuff on internet) but it’s a good free compromise if you can’t take photoshop.

As for ulplaoding pictures, I personnaly like to use “Zupimage” which host your file on internet.

There is a great site if you’re interesting in learning a new language like html or css.
There’s even a “try on” function. Sadly, not every code works on Viki, they have a list on that topic. I’m not sure it’s updated though…

There were great designers before, and I feel bad that I hadn’t had the opportunities to learn new stuff with them. So if we can help and if you have specific questions, feel free slight_smile:


Like the others said you/we don’t have any guidelines to be a page designer, let alone a NSSA. You can start if you’re a Moderator or a Channel Manager(because you can edit those pages) or you will be asked if someone likes your design then you will get some requests or even question’s which I sometimes get. I always start with a template of my measures so I don’t have to do this all the time if I start a new one (which is a lot if you look at my profile page). But I have two different templates:
1: German Page: If I want a picture for the page (which is sufficient) then I use my first template which has the size of 1419x400 (pixel). The length is variable depending on how many graphics you use on the image.
2: If I need a release box (for English pages needed) then I use the same units but the editings (and all other things) will be changed in the html code later on.

This is the start. If I start then it looks like this in the beginning:
But after some hours it’ll be done so don’t judge at the start of a page ^^

If you have any question’s then feel free to write us. I think everyone can help you with your obstacles.:blush:

EDIT: The final version is here if you wonder how I did it:


@rose_shn That looks great! Just perfect :slight_smile:


Wow, it’s so pretty!! I’ve been viewing almost all of @somejuwels and your German Coverpages, they match the vibe of the drama so well! For English, I’ve found only @justine_desmoulins, WOW she is good! :heart_eyes: I’m learning a lot just studying the designs you all have created! :grin:Thanks for sharing, and all the tips!


Yes, but it doesn’t give you the option to put them centered, it only has “right” and “left” as an option. This means you have to go to Source and tamper with the html, because pictures like the main poster and the actor profiles are usually centered.

This aside…
Why are we bothering with cover pages anyway? Now they are hidden and don’t show unless someone is REALLY curious.
A little table with the list of the team members is enough, and it’s just for our (the volunteers’) use.
It is infuriating to see beautiful cover pages, which took a lot of work by creative people, completely hidden.


YES! for a long time I didn’t even know what a cover page even was-- I thought it was the show thumbnail! They’re so pretty and beautiful and I doubt many people even see it! It shouldn’t be categorized under the ‘Subtitle Team’ tab, rather the first ‘About’ tab. Who would ever think that the Cover Page would be under the volunteer team’s names?!! The idea of a Cover Page is good, there are some which even explain the connections between the characters and that is soooo helpful sometimes, but so much work going in vain really saddens me :disappointed_relieved:


I just set up a temporarily German coverpage and of course I have the option to put the pictures centered or left or right.


And since I love to create coverpages, I won’t stop to set them up, although Viki banned them in a corner. :grinning:


You know what happened?
In the “picture inserter” there is no option for centering.
And if you look at the inserted picture and click on it, the center option is disabled, grey. If you select a text, it appears again, but for the picture it doesn’t!
if you click besides the picture, at its side, as if it were text (see the thick black line on the right of the picture), then the option to center becomes available again.

And if you click on the option, the picture is centered.

I am sharing this in case it helps someone else too.

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Yes, it depends on the position of the cursor. I totally forgot that, it’s good, that you’re sharing this.


Don’t wonder why the link isn’t working anymore because I had to change IDs of my team ^^’

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Oh, Rose, that cover page is so elegant and beautiful! As always. Even more shame that your creations are hidden where almost nobody will see them.

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Hi, do you know how I can post an image jpeg to the cover page? Everytime I try Viki says it’s not allowed as a coverpage format. Thank you already!