Crime / thriller drama and movie suggestions

Looking for good crime dramas and movies :smiley:
In the same kind of Missing Noir M, Tunnel, The Witness, Memoir of a Murderer…

Or kidnapping case with investigation like Missing or God's Gift.

Thank you!

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Hi! Maybe you want to try these?

Heartless City, Solomon’s Perjury, Silenced, Signal, Squad 38 and Bad Guys have good critics as well, but I never managed to watch them.


Thanks Lutra :slight_smile:

  • I plan to watch 2: Heartless City and Two weeks.
    (Two Weeks, I’m having a hard time with the 1st episode, it’s a fast pace and the murder case is not presented like in a classic thriller :slight_smile:)
  • Beyond the Clouds: it says “Coming Soon” (2014)??

I don’t like too much comedy or high schoolers doing the investigation (Solomon’s Perjury synopsis) or too much romance: I find it dilutes the thriller effect and too many genres, I enjoy classic thrillers with a crime + investigation with a strong and serious atmosphere during all the investigation, with the charismatic detective & forensics. The typical plot but incredible suspense and you can’t sleep at night XD

I could only watch this one with romance and fantasy inside because of the great psycho played by Namgoong Min.

I had a so-so feeling with Signal, but in the end, it was good.

  • I stopped at the 1st episode for:
    I Remember You: is there much comedy or romance inside?
    Squad 38
    Bad Guys: it’s not the typical crime police investigation I was waiting for (from what I’ve watched in the 1st).

Beyond the Clouds, I thought the videos were okay this morning, but I could be wrong, So either the license is lost, or it’s only another hick-up in the Viki system. It was here, as I watched it at Viki back then and some time later.
Two Weeks keeps the pace pretty much the whole drama through.

Thinking back … I don’t recall them overworking the romance. The is some comedy but sometimes it’s like in Tunnel, where you get to know and the jokes are there but you getting the creeps. It feels for me that way, but I am not too sure, because when the drama ran, we had a crucial time in my family, so I might remember it differently.

Then maybe the Japanese drama Border might be your cup of tea.

So all in all, you are a the Columbo-Typ?
I will think about it some more, if there may be another drama for you.

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I recommend you give “I Remember You” aka “Hello Monster” another chance. The story and directing are wonderful. The investigative team members were great, but what really sticks in my memory is the performance by Park Bogum and Choi Won-young; they were superb, many times giving me goosebumps. Seo In-guk also gave an amazing performance. The bit of romance doesn’t derail the main subject of the story. The child actors for Seo In-guk, Park Go-gum, and Choi Won-young deserve a lot of credit. too.

Another series I watched here on Viki was “God’s Quiz” (4 seasons in regions outside the USA)

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Love Me if You Dare
Mrs. Cop
Pride & Prejudice
Sign (2011)
Special Affairs Team TEN
The Guardian
The Village: Achiara’s Secret
Vampire Prosecutor (only season 2 in regions outside the USA)
When a Snail Falls in Love

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Did you ever try Story of a Man?

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All these! I’ll surely find my happiness somewhere :slight_smile: Thank you!

I’ll try “I remember you” again, but I’m not the patient type for watching, I give up after 2 or 3 episodes, no more (I don’t have time for that, if I try 50 thrillers, I have to go through 50 x 10 first episodes = maybe 500 hours of boredom, I can’t and we can’t love everything).
I’ll try the Story of a Man, I’ve just read the synopsis.

I’m not sure to have understood the question but I interpret it like that:
I’m everything and nothing :slight_smile: It’s hard to define what I like, I don’t like 1 genre only or Columbo only. It’s more like everyone: we like movies/dramas not from 1 genre only but from many genres.
But thriller is the genre I’ve felt the most adrenaline. It makes me awake, aware, kind of my jam.
In my memories, the crime/thriller genre is the one I’ve most binged (1. I can’t sleep after watching and 2. I want to know!). When I watch a good thriller, it’s like I’m totally immersed into it, like if someone would tap me on the shoulder, I would jump.
I also like that there’s some complexity in these killers minds, masterminds (need strong leads both criminal / detective)
And it explores a lot of fields: legal, medicine, psychology, sometimes reality (capital punishment in Korea, statute of limitations, adultery that was a crime, corruption/law/politics) + varierty of feelings in the rough (love parents/children, despair, fear, how far someone can go for revenge, you want to find with the detective who the murderer is (but to find who, you have to understand how i.e. modus operandi and why i.e. mobile).
And there is some real action, not only talking and talking and talking.

I’ve only watched 1 ep of Columbo (it was good!) but heard that for each episode, the set-up is always the same: we learn that there’s a murder, Columbo comes, questions people (some details are clues), one of them is the murderer & at the end, they show us why/how he killed).

You’re wonderful :slight_smile: Thank you!
Love me if you dare: the atmosphere was really weird in the 1st and 2nd episodes and it was slow pace, I stopped xD
Achiara’s Secret: I shouldn’t have watched the actress in romance dramas, I’ve felt weird when watching her in this drama (I stopped in the middle).
When a Snail Falls in Love: is there much love? The actress was good in a romance drama.

I have to watch the other ones you recommend me!

You’re welcome. Hope you find some you like.

Yes, there is romance in “When a Snail Falls in Love”, but not like in a romance drama. This is from the synopsis: When Ji Bai (Wang Zi-wen) starts to fall in love with Xu Xu (Wang Kai) through their close working relationship, Xu Xu is slow to return his feelings. But does their relationship stand a chance when the dangerous “Angel’s Killer” resurfaces?

The actress (Wang Zi-wen) and actor (Wang Kai) are the same couple as in “Ode to Joy” 1 and 2.

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Recommendations from cousins, we surprisingly had the same evolution towards dramas though our personality is totally different, that we’re not in the same period of life or we haven’t experienced similar things: first loved romance dramas, then beginning to be tired of them, they can be sometimes dragging, so looking for thriller dramas.
She said exactly what I thought: “I can’t watch anymore what I enjoyed to watch before.”

I recommended: Missing Noir M, God’s Gift 14 days, Memoir of a Murderer and Miss Baek for the reality (all on Viki).

She recommended me: Voice, Silenced

Silenced made a huge hit in Korea since it was adapted from a real story. They closed the school after the movie.

+Save me (from 2017, but no licence yet on Viki):

So I’m excited to watch them!

Parasite movie:

The movie was… unpredictable and crazy!!
There were comedy, thriller but not typical one with cops, horror, drama (real drama) and society. It goes crescendo and one common feeling I saw in this movie, Kafka or Ionesco: absurdity.
Love? :thinking:

PG 18 for some scenes (violence and one steamy scene, rare to see that in Kmovies).
Palme d’or award Festival de Cannes

It makes you think a lot.

Actors: Song Kang-ho; Lee Sun-kyun; Cho Yeo-jeong; Choi Woo-shik; Park So-dam

Cameo: Park Seo Jun