Crochet meet up group


Ok this is a “shot in the dark” would anyone be interested in learning beginner crocheting?? tips & tricks? even a small project for you to learn


I’m sure I could learn a lot from you, but you live so far away!


yes a lot of you live so far away, so that means whatever I pick & choose is just too far away. ok thanks for that, at least I know


As I’ve been doing exactly that for the past couple of months, I can tell you that it is easy only if you can put the camera behind your head and over your shoulders, to show your hands as if the viewer were you.
Otherwise, if you do it normally in front of the camera, as I did, it will be very confusing. In my case, whenever it wasn’t easy to see, I searched and made her look at youtube videos explaining some particular passage. I also used pictures and graphics from my collections.


just wanted to do something simple and easy, so guess this is out. not sure about camera and all


Maybe it’s a bit offtopic, but since you like crotcheting… Do you have any good methods on making a “neckline” or whatever that would be called in English? (sorry, I’ve never talked about things like that in English)

I tried a few ideas, but it always turns out awkward, doesn’t fit the design, is too small or too big, or gets deformed, when I try to make it a bit different.

I thought maybe you found some interessting ways to do that…


Where do you live? I knit but only know basic crotchet and would love to learn more. Could do it over Zoom perhaps if we could match time?


not crazy about zoom, had a problem Christmas day. and I live in USA. Raleigh,NC so like someone said, I live so far away

ok maybe I should stick with that family research one…


happy new year anyway y’all


ok I’d like to really try this, start this, and so on, if it doesn’t work in a few weeks we will close this
first you need your utensils, yarn etc

yarn depends on the pattern
crochet hooks of various sizes, but g or 6mm is a good start and of course depends on what the pattern calls for
a tapistry needle, its just a needle that will draw the ending yarn through

stich marker
case for your hooks
the hooks come in a variety, I do have a bunch, but I think your preference is best, plastic, aluminum, even bamboo
sorry I couldnt put the picture on here, was too big

for stitch markers, I have little plastic safety pins, these markers come in different kinds

ever hear of a ball winder? if you have a paper towel holder that is just as good, anyway does the job

IK think stitches will be next. oh and btw, you mentioned about not being able to look at the way the patterns are doing.

  1. check youtube for their stitching ,really good
    2 also facebook has a group in how to learn to crochet
    3 all free
    4 pinterest has a bunch of people that has learn to crochet, the different stitches. that will help you a bunch

like I said before, just have fun with it, if you have a problem and esp the leftys youtube does have a fantastic one there.

see ya all later


just check this out first


Check what out? :thinking:


the message above


to be sure you folks have homeless people around you. so I will ask you, have you ever heard of the ministry of making plastic mats for the homeless. these are your plastic bgs form the stores, crochet those bags into mats for the homeless, also can make the bags for holders for under the plants, make rugs and so on.

anyone be interested?


This is one of my WIP*s right now. The Chrysalis throw. 3-D and you can’t work on it while watching k-drama, so I’m not advancing very quickly. We’re doing it together with a friend from here.

*For the uninitiated, it means work-in-progress.


irmar y’all keep up the good work!!


Plarn is the ‘yarn’ also called plastic yarn that you will use to knit or crochet the plastic mat. Plarn is constructed from the plastic bags and will be used just as one would use yarn in knitting or crocheting. We will go through the steps below to make plarn and then the knitting and crocheting will begin. The gathering and sorting of the bags and making the plarn are perfect projects to involve children in the community service project.

The goal is a 3′ by 6′ size plastic yarn mat. Knitters and crocheters will use their experience to test the gauge which will determine the number of plarn stitches necessary for a 3′ by 6′ mat. I used size 10.5 knitting needles with a gauge of 3.5 stitches per inch, but I am a very loose knitter.

I use a "K’ or "P"crochet needle, the paragraph was copied
this can be a project that some ladies can get together and make these this is a link you can go to .

I hope you can do this one. this is for the homeless mats. it is a long “trip” if you do it by yourself,

and if you go to you tube, or pinterest, they have a bunch of plarn projects. why I like it so much, giving back to the community ,charity, and can make a bunch of stuff instead of throwing the bags in the trash!!


Love crochet! My mother’s mother taught me the basics that I improved in college (when everything in the world ends up being crochet. I made a . . . “helmoni-square” blanket for friends at church who got married and was honored, sort of, to learn when their first son was conceived under that blanket.

I even have a “fake” fisherman’s sweater I crocheted out of wool yarn my father found at Goodwill and gave my for my birthday.

So a virtual crochet circle sounds like lots of fun. Is the price of admission sharing a pattern or a finished project, or are we allowed to lurk and do that thing of collecting links and patterns the way a chaebol’s daughter collects love slaves?

"What do you want from me, you penniless freak?"


"What good is your love if you don't bring it to me along with a couture crocheted sweater?"


"Where's my sweater, you oaf? Yes, I see it's a 10,000 KRW unborn panther leather handbag. No, you cannot feed me fried chicken. Yes, you can sit across the diner with the other twenty-five oafs and watch my boyfriend feed me."