Cutest Couple ( Drama )

I wanna know some of ya opinion on what 2 actors and actresses are the cutest couple

  • Ji Young and Hyeong Joon [ Miss Korea ]
    These two are so cute when they share their love to each other.
    I think it was in Ep 18 after tried on many lipstick, JY told HJ that her mouth was hurt, so HJ just looked at her and asked her.
    He always cared about her.
    <3 <3 <3
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My favourite cuttiest couples:

Good Doctor:

I miss you

The queen Hyun’s man

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  • Kotoko and Naoki [ Love in Tokyo ]
    Like other ver. Kotoko in this drama also not good in studying, but the love from her to Naoki really touched.
    Naoki also a “cold-blood” person; however, he loved her in the end.
    I hope it’ll have a season 2 like Taiwanese version.
    Love these two so much…
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cutest couple is…

i loved the couple in 20’s

they were rlly cute, but the cutest!
i will probably say …

gah they were the cutest couple ever! i wish they got married in real life xD i love the age difference and the fact that he was so cute and young for her, she couldnt resist xD haha


Lee min ho and Kim Hee sun in Faith

Breaking Marriage of a king like a boss lol

Yes I LOVE this couple

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Queen In Hyun’s Man BEST REAL kissing scenes you can tell they were in love in real life while making this so much passion and chemistry between them…they are still a couple last I heard too he should be out of the army I think this year??



Kim soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun In My Love From another star


Yeah they do have really great chemistry between them hope to see more of them together!!!

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I love this couple
Suzzy and Seung Ki are great together!!! I think this is the best couple of the year. After thIs one My love from the Star couple is great as najma said.


This is also true!!!They were cute together!!

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For me it’s
2012- lee min ho and kim hee sun
2013- suzy and seung ki
2014-kim soo Hyung and JJH

Finally i can order them… i love all of them but i ship the “my love from the stars” couple so much. Don’t want JJH to be married …

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Omg… i happen to watched Queen Hyun’s Man… i cried and laugh alot during the drama… omg… plusa my favorite actress Yoo In Na


Queen In Hyun’s Man **

Wasn’t it great!!! I Marathoned it!!!

True Story


Haha… it was soo awesome i finished 12 episode in one nite nd finished the rest yesterday nite…

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LOL! OMG…happened to me last night ;D

My favorite couple would be:
Queen In Hyun’s Man :smiley: Just love these two ^^ Plus she is one of my favorite actresses :smiley:

Next would be these two from My Princess :smiley: I just loved them together. I really wanted them to start dating in real life :frowning:

My girlfriend is a Gumiho ^^ Hoi Hoi couple…need i say more ^^ Don’t hate me but I really can’t picture him with Yoona :frowning:

The Innocent Man :smiley: OMG!! I think best couple ever !!! :smiley: Can’t wait for him to come back :smiley:


Omggg I agree with all of your couples !!
Finally someone who likes yoo in na as much as I do.
Yep and I am so happy that they are dating in real life. Did you see the confession of him ? I was about to cry because it was so sweet.

I should rewatch my princess . I love that drama .

YEEEEEESSSSS finaaaaalyyyyyy
Someone who liked the main leads in innocent man .
They had chemistry they were cute together and they acted very good.
Annd she’s one of my favorite actresses