Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!😍


Completely feel like I’m cheating on 2pm but I love ATEEZ - all @porkypine90_261 FAULT.
I was up at 6 am watching WooYoung live - ADORBS & San called in I guess he has a cold - and then at like 9 am I was watching Yeo-sang
He danced and about gave me a HEART ATTACK!!!

BABies just BABies but I love them. @porkypine90_261
Where are you???


Oh… I have been busy segging shows but I still check-in. I see you have my favorite guys up. :sunglasses: That dance Fireworks, ‘I;m the one’ is something else. I have it bookmarked so I can watch it easily. But Hyunjin! OMG! Play with Fire! That dance is spectacular! :fire::fire::sunglasses::scream::fire::fire:

Watching these guys makes me remember back to prehistoric times, when I was a teenager, we’d go dancing just about every weekend. Yea, I was skinny back then. But then I went and married a dance dud. :smirk: Go figure. :laughing:




JUNHO :fire::fire::fire: and WET

He put his coffee in a filing cabinet drawer - I DO THAT - have for years I can’t handle my drink being out at work or a party


Buncha cuties!

It’s so funny when they keep catching them getting their drinks out of hiding. LOL


I’m hoping they will do the individual songs! I love these color coded videos!


Welcome Back Mingi after taking a break! I’m so glad he did that for his health! I wish more Kpop artists and actors would do that. I couldn’t find the official post - I’ll keep looking.


NCT has one of the most best dancers and moves. Its every music makes me feel sick.
They are so well co-ordinated. Just thinking about them makes me feel overjoyed.

PS: After watching MVs I try to dance out too. …:rofl:


THEY ARE AMAZING in the dance music genre!! Every time I want to get moving, I put on one of their songs and dance like crazy :sweat_smile: My favorites are Inception, Answer, Promise, Wave and Dreamers… but since this is a dance thread, I’ll post my favorite dance of theirs here:

And NCT DREAM is THE go to for laid-back, cool dancing. Hot Sauce is my favorite! The choreo is so chill!! But it’s pretty hard to learn, trust me :flushed:

However. NCT together? They’re an EXPLOSION. SM is known for their power vocals, smooth rapping AND the ability to put on a stunning show. This is all 23 of them at the MAMAs:
The introduction is stunning but there’s no dancing so I’ve kept a marker so it starts at the show+dance. They have CRAZY synchronization :star_struck:

and in case you think they only dance and rap… I can’t help but brag about their soaring, harmonizing, power vocals too :sweat_smile::see_no_evil: I’m terribly proud of them^^ you’ll understand why @sweetybirdtoo struggle to have ONE bias




The Acoustic of their FAMOUS song! I love it!


Aw just standing still - That Voice!



@kdrama2020ali since you are just discovering SungJoo, here’s a taste of his moves…

He’s super hot in this one, but it requires an ~offensive language warning~

His dancer legs…I can’t even…
This is why he earned ‘best dancer’ in my top 10 list when you said I couldn’t use Junho for everything.




Kim Sung Joo




This ALBUM is so GOOD!

I have 3 COPIES