Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!😍



Tuna was NEVER so SEXY!!!


I’m dying!!!


This is an EXO B-side so there’s no official live performance… but I LOVE the fluid choreography along with the harmony. Kai is the main dancer but Xiumin(the one in the sleeveless outfit) was the scene stealer here. And Chen’s the main vocal(the one standing on the table) but he could mass for a main dancer here! :heart_eyes:

Chanyeol’s song-rap is so iconic here… I love the way the members usually gather around him every time he has a rap part in every song they perform.


I’d like to share this fan cam, I know that everyone in here has their own opinions but when it comes to dancing moves I really like Min Ho



Xiumin is one of my people. And D.O. - I already had his new music in my playlist, but you’ve also convinced me to check out more of EXO’s music because I really liked this song.

He is a really powerful dancer!


Love Astro’s Cha Eun Woo, Jin Jin and Rocky - Aw I just love them all though.

  • Jackson Wang - (from GOT 7) Wow - Powerful Voice
    (We were hanging out last night in my dreams - hahahahaha! His new pictorial is awesome and fun also)




I have not been listening to my Kpop except in the car lately - I’m all hung up on my songs again though.


He is a wonderful dancer! I just couldn’t concentrate on his dancing because of the dangerous way his clothes kept moving :joy:

What do you mean by that?

If you like D.O’s music, you might like

:joy::joy: That’s a lot! Thank you for making me dig around EXO’s discography… I think I fell in love again :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Their discography is way too diverse… each album is a mashup of way too many genres!


Just that he is one of the people from that ‘world’ that I connect with. Part of my ‘crew’, if you will. It all started when I saw him on “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets”. All of those guys on that show are ‘my people’ - meaning I found a connection with them all because I am also an extreme introvert who would rather hang out at home than anything else. I can relate to them in that way - I can empathize with what they must have been feeling in those moments. It’s just one of those things that makes one feel like you ‘know’ them, even though obviously I don’t know them. Does that make sense?

Oh, and thank you for all the suggestions. I will check them ALL out.


Ahhh :sweat_smile: I understand now^^
Hope you like the music!


That’s the thing with Min Ho!! :rofl:


Not My Junho but these guys are fun to watch! :grinning:



You can add more here!


His solo song


Events Today

He’s REALLY good! :heart:


I really like Park JiHoon - Joon - from Spring is Green
Another new LOVE - who belongs in baby bird U




I’m gonna need Junho to star in an action/thriller where he wears suits and carries a gun in a holster.


Yep - I just told him that!!! On the BUBBLE
The gun thing is :fire:


I see your baby shark and raise you one Ateez version of baby shark