Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!😍


Yea. I have both of those on my playlist and my car tunes.


Well this is PRETTY cool!


Seriously wish the guys looked like this in my HS


I swear I could watch him do that move A MILLION times!

I have a complaint. In the actual video, the camera does not let you see his belly ROLL! Just sayin! I love this song though


Move to the Bay Area and change into a kid again! :laughing: (if only)


Don’t get me wrong we had some good looking guys like all HS. But um, I have a
new found love for the S. Korea culture and the guys!


mmm… eee … um… Well… As far as the guys go, Best stick with watching MV’s then. :laughing: Most of the guys are just generic every day guys - just like any place. :laughing: Go to South Korea to be a tourist, check out the sights, yea you can check out the guys too. :sunglasses:

Me? I want to visit the garment district and get some silks and brocades. The outfits I see in kdramas are GORGEOUS material! And I expect them to cost a pretty penny too. Can’t get those in Idaho! Just buy a HUGE suitcase over there and pack it with fabric. lol Mail that back to me. Then when I’m done shopping, I’m going to try out all kinds of foods. :sunglasses: Eat my way around town. Then go be a tourist.

“People are saying . She’s gonna go all the way to South Korea to shop for fabric? Why not just buy clothes there?”
Because I am 5’10" and I know they won’t have women’s clothes for my size. and that is why I sew. I haven’t been to a good fabric store since the last time I was in San Francisco. and even Britex fabrics doesn’t have those silks and brocades.


I so want to eat my way through Seoul and go sit in the sun and fish or something at JeJu! Look at the sights! I am 5’1 so I understand, petite, and on the beep beep short street. Clothes have always been hard. I am shorter than most everyone! Now Now I’m sure I could find some cuties around!


I’m 5’3" and sometimes when I’m watching dramas I think, wow that girl’s short and then I go look how tall she is, and she’s almost always taller. I never think of myself as short. I think both my kids are short, but one of them is slightly taller than me. I think I’m in denial. hahaha


Lee Minho is 6’2" he could use my head as an arm rest! I would look so tiny next to him

I still don’t know Shinee Minho yet! I am all about Lee Minho!


OH MY OH MY Back to the Dance OFF

Oh I love the belly rolls!


So funny, I really must be a Shawol, whenever someone says Minho I think Choi Minho


WARNING - Video has some Disturbing Imagery
Taemin’s Criminal. I don’t know how he can make these moves jerky, precise, yet also fluid.


UMMMMMMMMM…that is quite criminal! Cold water…where is the cold water…


Should have I also mentioned it’s somewhat sensual. :wink:


Um! I have noticed that a lot of these guys are very SENSUAL is it just me or what!

That was just - SEXY - I might need a moment


At least if you are too small, you can have them altered but when you are tall, there is no fabric to let out. But the women are short there so there will be plenty of clothes for you to shop.

Now me and the sun. NOPE I burn like crazy. Plus I never do swimming suits. I’m a bit conservative in what I am willing to expose. You can go roast in the sun, Me? I’ll go fishing for dinner.

I do LOVE to fish but I wonder what the international fishing license fees would be? Then you have to find a place to cook them. Reminds me of the time my company went out on a fish boat in Monterey bay. I WON - Most fish caught. but I wouldn’t let that boat crew clean my fish because they WASTED so much fish when they filleted them! :scream: They chopped off the heads along with part of the body and took the bones out and fins off with too much meat! That’s a mortal sin to waste half the fish! No way would I let those guys touch my fish! (I cook the fish whole if they are plate size.) I am very picky about handling fish properly. Back on the pier the stupid boat guys kicked me out when I was cleaning them on the dock sink. They were mad at me because I wouldn’t pay them to waste my fish! So I had to clean them in the hotel. What a pain! I went home early so I could take care of them properly. Monterey was only 2 - maybe 3 hours from home. Nice Bonito, red snapper, sea bass! YUM! packed on ice!

So, If we were to go tour South Korea, while we were shopping, I’d need to attach one of those tall flag things to your head so I could find you in the crowds? :wink: :laughing: (runs away from a swat!)


Ah Taemin is just talking about how criminal she is to make him fall in love with her!. :smile:

(Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!😍)

UMMMMMMMMM…that is quite criminal! Cold water…where is the cold water…

(Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!😍)

Should have I also mentioned it’s somewhat sensual. :wink:

(Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!😍)
Um! I have noticed that a lot of these guys are very SENSUAL is it just me or what!
That was just - SEXY - I might need a moment

You guys are HILARIOUS! To me they are just guys who dance well. But I am probably not reacting to them because I still think of my hubby.


Wait… The song has words? :laughing:

My hubby doesn’t care about me finding some 20-30 something guy attractive, just like I don’t mind if he finds a beautiful woman attractive. But neither of us would dream of cheating, way too much energy and guilt involved, oh and I still love him dearly after 25+ years, so there’s that too. :slight_smile:


Yea. lyrics like my heart is full of your fingerprints. So elegant, a criminal who destroys me. Like the guy is totally helpless and gone on her. It’s fatal. :scream: :smile:

My guy was kewl too. He passed almost 2 years ago but I still miss him like I only saw him last week.


I guess they dance every week. Ate least every day I find another one with new outfits. I’ll watch them all! :sunglasses: I see that even Seongwha has peek-a-boo tops now. :joy:

And the guys are right. Seonghwa DOES stick his tongue out a lot. :laughing: Oh! Yeosang is also showing belly in this one.

JongHo and his apples! :sunglasses: man, He has SOME grip!

I like the color on Seonghwa’s outfit.