Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!😍


You can look at the menu but not order - bahahahahahahahaha!

Words the SONGS have WORDS! bahahahahahahahah!



Peek - A - Boo Tops! Bring um on!


I can look at the menu AND order but I don’t want to order anything. :smile:

I bet you may like the Chippendales! (if they are still around) :laughing:


Well, All Male Review!

I ORDER the belly roll and the Peek-A-Boo tops


Rain in Marcus Chang!!! It’s All GOOD


Isn’t this a ‘Best Moves’ thread? Marcus hardly moves, or is that all that’s needed because it is Marcus Chang? :rofl:


He Moves ME! Without moving! Oh, the rain on his chest! I mean for REALS

Maybe move this to Hottie Posse


SO EXITED! Hope 2pm does a LIVE

JUNHO is HOME I watched the VLIVE last night! All of 2pm is BACK and Better than EVER


I have been missing some Belly Rolls! Everyone is so Quiet!


If you need some abs have you ever watched Super Junior + water? Especially Siwon, he seems to have something against wearing a shirt.



That was a forceful push!


Yeah, but he reciprocates when he wants to.


Sorry, my friend! I’ve been busy doing housework, doing puzzles, working on ASC and screwing around watching all the versions of I’m the one -Fireworks instead of doing my Korean assignment which is due Monday. I finished that today. Hadda cram. Lol. Oh! I submitted my level 5 segment training assignment also! We’ll see if I did well enough to graduate. If I pass, then I have to test out and if that is good, I can get to work as a segmenter. :blush:. Oh cr@wdads! I forgot! My philosophy is due too! Yikes! I know what
I’ll be doing tomorrow! I’ve been taking Korean philosophy from Sungkyunkwan University! Interesting!

I’ll come back later with my fancam link. I can’t copy addresses with this kindle.

Oh yea, He’s boiling hot. :laughing:


What was that? A wet tshirt contest? :smile::joy:. They were probably hot! :joy:


I love a little BL! They are funny


Is that the actor nephew from GOBLIN???


That boy is just - WOW - there is something about him


Yep! Seung Jae 씨 - His uncle lives down the hall. :laughing: :sunglasses:


:grin: I was making a double entendre joke about him being temperature wise boiling hot as well as handsome. :smile: He’s sweating to death after dancing under those hot lights. :grin:

Here’s another fan cam.


Oh Hey Krdramagirl! I got some more San abs for you! :sunglasses: Wooyoung says to San, “Stop hiding your abs with this. (ice bag) You have to show this because we’re talking about our style. Ok, so San’s style is, He’s got a national treasure on his stomach.” :rofl: :sunglasses: :laughing:


He had me at the “Wink!”

Now I want PINK hair - mine is blue, purple and silver right now

Oh my gosh, this is so adorable I can’t even

He is SO Dangerous

Whose the dark haired one ??? Oh he cute too Kang Yeo-sang

He has the most beautiful eyes! Look what you have done

Oh my gosh - these guys are babies! I’m going straight to HELL