Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!😍


I can’t stop watching this!!!


That guy above with black hair is Yeosang. You like his contacts? :grin: He changes his eye color and hair every week it seems. Here he is with gray hair and light brown eyes. Tomorrow they may be violet eyes.

Seonghwa is this guy. With what seems to be his natural hair and eye color. He also changes his eye and hair color.
Oh! that guy, rear right is Mingi. He’s their rapper. He’s on medical leave right now.

You are so funny kdramagirl! Don’t you think these are nice looking young guys? (As long as you don’t lust after them, you won’t have to do penance. :rofl: )

The funny thing with me and watching all this kpop is I WANT TO DANCE AGAIN!. My dearest, sweetie, headbanger of a hubby was a complete dance DUD! :rofl: I guess dancing was not part of my criteria when I chose him. :joy: I mean we had TOTALLY different tastes in music! I used to dance a lot when I was young but him. Nope. His family wouldn’t let him be a traditional dancer. They wanted him to be a politician because he was the oldest. His mom would drag him to all the meetings and gatherings and make him sit and listen to the politics. He was bored to tears. He absolutely hated two-faced politics. He was sweet tempered and didn’t have the tenacity or interest for it. His (#2) brother, on the other hand, the family assigned him to be the traditional dancer, however - he is well suited to be a politician. He has the temper for it and the tenacity for it. But, he went and got a degree in physics and has been living in Colorado for the last 30 years. Go figure. :rofl:

(I’ll hafta turn off Grammarly. It’s corrections of my writing into standard vernacular are driving me crazy. I can’t read my text! :rofl:)


I would dance with any of them anytime. I love to dance. I dance a lot to Kpop in my kitchen. But if I had a place to go dance I would. I used to dance a lot when people actually went to clubs. No one does that anymore much. LOVE TO DANCE!

Well Yeosang and San I think are my FAVORITES!


There aren’t any dance places around here since the Green corral closed. But that was a cowboy place that played western music. Not my thang. The Festival is only one a year (pow-wow). In the Bay Area, there are all kinds of places to go dance. Not here. So, I do get up and dance at home but it’s just too painful. My knees are completely shot. I just am not able to dance at all anymore. :sob: Please put me outta my misery!

Oh! I noticed that besides sticking out his tongue that Seonghwa also flashes his belly on occasion. Just briefly though. :smile: These naughty grandkids!! :smile:





Gonna Miss Got7


This actor - Kwak Dong Yeon reminds me of San


Ateez! Did You See this Coming Up???


How do they shake their shoulders like that! I would hurt something!:orange_heart::rofl:

You can only see the belly roll in the PREVIEW


Hoppy Easter! You Peeps!


I like Jinsu, couldn’t find many videos but this is a cool routine (perhaps also to loose weight) :wink:

another cool one:

and TVXQ :wink:


Maybe a bit off-topic - I rarely watched winter sports in the past years but somehow yt suggested randomly and wow, how I wished I could only go onto the ice and make a few rounds without the fear to fall and get injured.
This guy is surely on another level, so I hope you will not be angry with me for posting it here - but he really has some great moves at least I think he does.
It’s from German TV so I don’t know if you have access.
It’s about Yuzuru Hanyu it’s from the WC in Stockholm he didn’t make a gold medal in the end, but what a performance to Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams. This was the short program.

The winner at the end was Nathan Chen for those interested, and he made it because of his free skating program. Haven’t seen anything like this before 6 quadruple jumps in one program is simply amazing.


Thank you Thank you so much I have not seen good skating in a LONG time! He is really good! Post more I love it! @lutra

(and gorgeous in those tight black pants)


That’s how I felt, as I didn’t follow the winter sport for at least a decade. I was - how should I say it - surprised!

YT recomanded a 2014 and a 2018 performance to me from the Olympics, I have not watched them yet, but here are the links.

Let me know how you liked them, I am pretty full this weekend with doing chores … But it has to be done.


Seriously, I used to watch SKATING ALL the time. Especially the Olympics. I forgot how much I love it!
Keep posting! I like this guy. Maybe there are others! @lutra

The 2014 & 2018 is so beautiful. I love watching him. He gives me chills like the Old DAYS watching


Isn’t this GREAT! My friend found it! I am always cooking and dancing (k-popping) in my kitchen!



Wonho Wonho Wonho Wonho
If you are not following him on Instagram, You are missing OUT!!! Just saying!


Well, I finally decided to add my two-cents worth. :wink:
Thanks to everyone for all the shares.
Taemin and BOA 2020 MAMA