Deadly Dimples in Dramaland


I mean… These two are just…



Another dimpled OTP to watch out for…:heart_eyes::+1:


Here it is!!!

Watch out those who get Vertigo!


You mean I can’t even watch the video for the club’s theme song? :cry:


You can enjoy the visuals with this audio, though.


Only at the beginning one part - I’ll time stamp it for you!!!


Thank you for looking out for me @vivi_1485 and @kdrama2020ali! :purple_heart:


we wuv you :heart:


As soon as I saw that I knew you better wait - I’ll rewatch and give you time stamps I think It is only from the beginning. WooSung looks gorgeous I want you to be able to watch it! Give me a little bit and I will put the timestamps in this reply!!!..



I have determined that you CANNOT watch that it will bother your vertigo he goes in and out of waves sometimes worse than others - so just listen to the VOCALS!!!


That’s a bummer, but thanks for letting me know. Maybe I’ll try to watch it from a long distance. Sometimes that lessens the effects. :woozy_face:


Just know that it could make you dizzy - but it is a really good video!



Happy Birthday Sept 25th
Hyun Bin


Those dimples are Cha Cha-ing! :smile:

More Dimples

and because it won’t let me post :heart:

My Kim Jae Wook has a dimple! Did I not know that!


How did I miss the Triple SeonHo video? I could listen to his voice all day, on top of staring at dimples.

Welcome to the club, JaeWook. How did we overlook you?


For you @my_happy_place


Adorable. What can I say?


I can’t handle their dimpled adorableness!!!


I feel so weird, now that Our Blues’ cast has been confirmed. How am I supposed to ship Seon Ho’s or Lee Byung Hun’s characters with Shin Min Ah when Kim Woo Bin is starring in the SAME drama?! :sob::sob: WHYYYYY does Min Ah have such burning, realistic chemistry with every single one of her male co-stars? She floored me in Oh My Venus, she almost killed me in Tomorrow With You, and she’s definitely going to burn me in Hometown Cha3 :sob:


Hahaha the 2D1N members were teasing him with that :laughing:
Now I know what commercial they were referring to.