Deadly Dimples in Dramaland


I feel like she and Park Min Young do this - they just “ZING” with everyone!


OH my, they are adorable together. I might have to start that one.


Everyone LOVES it!


That’s why I’m not watching. lol I don’t know why I tend to avoid the one’s everyone is talking about. *smh


I relate to this, but Hometown ChaChaCha is SO good! Just a really lovely, easy watch. The whole cast is wonderful. It only has one more week of un-aired shows, so it’s basically ready to binge too.


I tend to avoid very popular dramas while they’re airing and then watch them afterwards because the FOMO or the plot strength overtakes me :joy: I also don’t want to anger my friends if I don’t like the drama LOL I already dropped shows like Vincenzo and IOTNBO :sweat_smile:

Popular or not, I trust Shin Min Ah. She’s just terrific. @my_happy_place which of her dramas have you watched?


Interestingly, I’m not a big fan of hers, but I have seen ‘Tomorrow With You’ and ‘Oh, My Venus’ and I do really like her in Hometown C3.


I love the characters she plays. I like how strong and not-doormats they are. Her characters are usually honest, funny, hardworking, and determined, and at the same time, they aren’t disrespectful, rude or insensitive. A strong woman who makes mistakes and is willing to change. She doesn’t beat people up or insult them to look cool. She respects everyone around her. The relationship with the ML is usually layered and very equal. And she’s so, so funny :smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


that perfectly describes her character in HC3. She is kind of quick to judge but just as quick to admit her mistakes; but all those other qualities are totally her character.


Then I NEED to watch it as soon as I get done with my exams!



We found eye dimples on our K2 Love
Ji Chang Wookie


The eye dimple is all kinds of adorable.

Even though I first noticed it when he was crying his eyes out. :sob::sob::sob:


And how did we not know! And I swear I saw a small one on the other side also when he was smiling at the table!

Kdrama fandom



Well - Dimples! Your Cute Self - You Deserve So Much More - Hope You Get Your Life Back


Is this a dimple or a smile line? I can’t distinguish it well… oh, Great Dimple Experts, please bestow your vast knowledge on this ignorant young woman-child :joy:


My expert analysis deems it a dimple. I might need to see it in action to make my final verdict.


I swear sometimes in Junho’s smile - I see a small line that looks like a dimple! I SWEAR!!! :laughing:


Nam Yoon-su. Pin-point perfect dimples at the edge of each side of his smile. Currently appearing in The King’s Affection on NF. BTW, there are three, count 'em, three hotties in this drama. :grinning::wink:



Um, he’s a hottie. Does he qualify for hottie posse?


@stardust2466_546 registrar ex·tra·or·di·naire

  • are his transcripts in Hottie Posse! I hope so.