Deadly Dimples in Dramaland


How could I have forgotten about Bruce?

Also another obvious one that should not be missed.

@fran0 Thank you for your contributions. It’s so nice to log on to lots of new dimpled faces. :heart_eyes:



One Hallyu



I have been watching him in Tomorrow With You and he has all kinds of dimples going on in his smile!
They like pop out everywhere -
Lee Je Hoon


Have we really not posted Kim Min Kyu yet? His might actually be the deepest of all the dimples.


I don’t know

These are pretty deadly!
Bruce Hung

He’s one of my new favorite people


That whole gif is pretty deadly.


Drama Wiki

He has even done the purple silver - I like black better but there are those dimples!


You’re right, they are a rival to Kim Min Kyu’s. Those puppies are deep. I love that color hair, but the black is better for him.


Totally Totally the Winner of Deadliest at the Moment!
And like “L” he knows how to use them


I watched a very short web drama in which Kim Min Kyu was one of the stars, and I wrote in my Viki collection notes that ‘the only good thing about this drama is Kim Min Kyu’s dimples’. :joy:


OK so I can’t keep my eyes off his eyes - like brown pools of wonderfulness but dimples! Minho eating ice cream is just - da bomb diggity


This is the photographer “Jung Gun Joo” actor, from Kdrama Monthly Magazine Home, he has cute dimples when he smiles :smile:


Great dimples!


I was wondering how can so many Korean actors/actress have dimples and found this

Dimple can give a person a softer or cuter image, or even a mature image, depending on the location of the dimple. Dimples can be artificially created through surgery , and receiving dimpleplasty in Korea is a simple process.

As you can see, they are very similar to the dimples the Korean actress and actor currently have.


Dimples for Days/Grand Canyon depth; Jasper Liu. You’re welcome. :wink:


Oh yes, excellent display of dimples.


I have heard that such surgery is possible. I can’t say that any of the examples shown so far in this thread would fall under the fake dimple category, but one never knows, I guess. The ones in those pictures look fake - like they are too perfect.


Jasper Liu. I guess he picked those shapes or they copied them from him, so they must be called JASPER LIU dimples?

Dimple shape that matches up individual

The similarities are amazing

Minimized scar and swelling through oral incision

Dimple Surgery Types

  • Dimple in middle of cheek
  • Mouth corner dimple
  • Long dimple

Dimple Surgery Method

After simple topical anesthesia, and small incision inside mouth, muscle and thick skin used for smiling is connected at desired location using thread and needle.


I was going to post him!!! Good JOB!


Lots of these guys - the dimple only shows up when they - know how to cox it out! I tend to believe a lot of these they were born with - natural baby dimples!

Kim Myung Soo - L

Amino Apps




I have decided our “Deadliest Dimple Dudes” are Magical Unicorns! What say You!??? :purple_heart: