Deadly Dimples in Dramaland


Make-up is a magical thing.


Sidetracking this thread for a good purpose. Ever since you all started commenting heavily on Discussions, I keep missing terribly the LOL button. :grin: LIKE just doesn’t cut it!


Why can’t we have more emoji to reply I mean I need a frowny face sometimes! I need a thumbs up or down! I need more than just a heart right!!!


oh! L should be getting out sometime this year or early next year.

Here you go! San From Ateez. Yes, he has dimples… and abs.


We posted him - just look up higher in the thread I think we had a whole thing about SANS!


lol. I didn’t scroll up. Now he’s there twice. Is that gonna be a problem? :rofl:


If that were a problem @kdrama2020ali would have to stop posting about Sans & Junho. I think it would actually kill her. At the very least she’d need CPR


Is this an actual serious question? :rofl::rofl::rofl: It’s never a problem. Not ever.

You’re talking about “L” as in Kim Myung Soo? Because he just enlisted in February of this year, so he has a ways to go. But I don’t want to talk about it…:sob::sob::sob:


I don’t wanna talk about it either - I love “L” aw Kim Myung Soo and Now losing My Gumiho Jang Ki Yong soon for couple of years! L just went in like end of February! Boo Hoo Hoo



Jut last Feb? Gee. I am in a time warp. It seemed like last year already.


I feel like I’ve been watching dramas for at least five years :joy: but it’s really only been a little less than two




Mr Dimple


Lay Zhang


Park Byung-eun from Because This is my First Life, which I am currently watching. Weird but prominent dimple.

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Did we mention Bae In Hyuk?? He has the cutest smile ever!! :heart_eyes: Can’t wait for him to get a main role someday!


I’m loving all the new dimple club members!


He has been yes - but multiple photos are necessary! I added him he is in Spring is Green and I loved him in Kiss Goblin! And LOVE LOVED him in Roommate is a Gumiho - Busy Boy!


I’m having dimple and 2nd lead syndrome in Monthly Home Magazine


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