Deleting Old Discussion Threads

I am really curious to know why old discussions cannot be deleted by the person who started them.
I mean when we go through discussions, some of them are pretty old and most of them are expired.(metaphorically). Such as shows looking for subbers of subbers looking for shows and in both cases they’re not there anymore. The show has been done for ages and the subber has stopped working for ages as well.
Other topics such as features on viki which are no longer there may confuse a lot of people, specially new comers.


People should come and edit their thread title adding “closed” or “solved”, but most are too lazy. I’ve been bothering everyone by writing on the bottom of threads “Did you find what you’ve been looking for? Should we change the title then?”
I do lots of “housekeeping” like that.
But it’s also true that newbies forget to look at the date. They look at a thread saying “subbers wanted for X show” and

  1. they don’t look at the date of the first message, whether it was 3 or more years ago,
  2. they are also too lazy to click on the drama link (or copy paste the title on the Viki main site to find it) and check whether it’s been subbed, edited and translated in 30 languages already. They just don’t want to do the research.

Agreed! How ideal if it were possible to “archive” obsolete threads. There is so much clutter on the lists. And, perhaps because it’s so cluttered, there often seems to be posts that inquire, query or state something that already has an ongoing or solved thread below it.

I enjoy reading through everything, glimpsing others thoughts and ideas, learning something new, hearing about upcoming shows, etc., and commenting/posting when I can, hopefully, add something to the discussion. Alas, because “Discussions” is rather disorganized and cluttered it can be a little overwhelming, especially, I imagine, if one doesn’t visit every day or week.

Perhaps one day Viki will streamline and make more user-friendly their web and app designs - but as it stands, I believe the designers are stuck in the late90s/early 00s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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