Deutsche Subbers gesucht

I’d like to have

Railway Story
Ruler of Your Own World

translated into German. Please pm.

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did you also posted this in Anfragenchat /kakaotalk?

Oh… I didn’t know about Anfragenchat /kakaotalk at all … so I just had a shot in the dark by posting here

I’ll post it for you, if you are interested to join Anfrangenchat on Kakaotalk App I can add you, you can send me a PM with you kkt name, not that you have to; the Anfrangenchat is for subbers who look for projects or Mods looking for German subbers, there is also the Vikifamilie for fanning and what else and the Viki-News group :blush:

ok let me figure out Kakaotalk first…
Much appreciated if you could post it. My priority is more for Railway Story, it’s also just a short series. But I think the way it’s written and the vocab can be a bit hard.

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